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Jun 05
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by Dennise Goldberg

This past Memorial Day, I caught an episode of the Martha Stewart Show; one of the guests was promoting their app for children. The app is called Whole Wide World by Fingerprint. I decided to check it out to see if any child could use it. I tested it out with my son who is 11 years old and is past the intended audience. The games were too simple for a child his age, but he found it entertaining for a while due to the interesting facts that he learned about the different parts of the world. The age range for the games is accurate and any child can use this app for fun and educational purposes.

The games help with visual processing, fine motor skills, simple math and spelling skills. The games are based on a reward system. If a child completes the games in the allotted amount of time, they will receive a stamp for that country and learn an interesting fun fact. Once the child has accumulated all the stamps for that particular country they will receive a post card as their final reward. The games might be in the form of matching pictures, mazes or racing. In addition, some games will teach spelling or have simple math questions attached.

The countries that are available are Iceland, Italy, Egypt, China, USA, Mexico, Australia and Antarctica.

For example, if your child selects China, they will play a variety of matching games.

If the child finds all the pictures that they are supposed to in the given amount of time, then they will receive a stamp and learn an interesting fact about China. Once they have collected all four stamps they will receive a post card.

If the child chooses Australia, then they play a variety of racing games with a kangaroo and collect pictures. At the end of the race, they will have to answer a simple math question, such as 19-8. Once again after completing the games, they will collect stamps and hear fun facts about Australia.

You can find another fun and educational game in the country of Egypt. A word will pop up and the child will be given a few letters to locate on the map using their avatar. Once they have found each letter, the avatar will give an interesting fun fact about what they just spelled. The game informs and teaches spelling at the same time.

I wish my son had this when he was younger; he would’ve been on it every day!  The Premier version of Whole Wide World can be purchased for $2.99.



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