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Jul 20
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Online speech therapy, or telespeech, is a service model approved by ASHA [1] that can provide better results than face-to-face speech-language therapy [2]. The student and certified speech-language pathologist meet in a virtual classroom designed specifically as an optimal eLearning environment. For many students, the employment of games, interactive whiteboards, HD video chat, and high fidelity audio catalyzes progress.

The virtual classroom is completely confidential and private to authorized personnel, so the student can feel completely comfortable with the SLP. In addition to fun and exciting visual games and activities, speech and language testing and assessments take place within the virtual classroom. No more traveling long distances or running behind the clock. An SLP can meet with a student anywhere as long as there’s a computer, internet connection, webcam and headset with a microphone. Online speech therapy isn’t the best option for every child, but it is a viable option for many children (see “Client Candidacy” below).

Visual Speech Therapists track IEPs, perform speech and language assessments, and conduct therapy sessions via the virtual classroom, so for schools it becomes a live, dependable service.

Session Essentials

Technical setup

  • Computer has a minimum of 1GB of RAM
  • Ethernet connection
  • 720P HD webcam or better
  • Headset with microphone


  • Ensure the students is comfortable and safe
  • Confidential
  • Lighting is even and background is free of clutter
  • Furniture is appropriate size for student
  • Minimal distractions
  • Minimal noise levels


  • Facilitator can be a guardian or school worker
  • This person is accessible when needed
  • Maintains level of confidentiality
  • Duties may include: minor trouble shooting, positioning the students, communicating with Visual Speech Therapist

Client candidacy contraindications

  • Needs physical contact
  • Needs hands-on guidance
  • Attention, hearing, vision, or cognitive deficits

Learn more about online speech therapy by visiting www.VisualSpeechTherapy.com, or contact Visual Speech Therapy to receive a free demonstration of their cutting edge therapy software.


[1] http://www.asha.org/practice/telepractice/

[2] http://speech-language-pathology-audiology.advanceweb.com/Editorial/Content/Editorial.aspx?CC=164509

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