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Nov 09
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The answer to your child’s educational concerns no longer has to be a mystery.

Weak cognitive skills could be the source of your child’s struggles. Science has found that the real cause of a person’s ability to learn lies in the strength, or weakness, of that person’s cognitive skills. If skills are strong, learning comes easily and “naturally.” But skill weaknesses can remain hidden and cause a student to struggle with learning or reading. A professional cognitive skills test is the only way to pinpoint the exact underlying cause of any learning problem. Cognitive skills determine a student’s abilities in the 5 core elements that make up intelligence.

• Auditory Processing

This ability helps to effortlessly blend or analyze sounds with words. It also is the key to reading and spelling.

• Visual Processing

This skill includes the capacity to form and manipulate accurate images in your mind. It is essential for math and reading comprehension.

• Memory Skills

Weakness in this skill is often the underlying cause in a student’s inability to follow instructions in all academic areas.

• General Processing Speed

The ease and speed with which a student handles incoming information is the basic boundary of his or her learning efficiency.

• Logic and Reasoning

Weakness in this skill obscures connections a person needs to make in order to solve problems. This can bog down the learning process.

The scores from a cognitive skills test can reveal weaknesses in these areas that could be the source of struggle for your child. But the scores don’t tell the whole story. The next step is specific, intense training in weak skills. These together will help unlock your child’s academic potential.

About the Author

Mary Jo Cassner, Owner and Director of LearningRx in Lincoln for eight years. Mary Jo has a passion and a drive for helping kids improve learning abilities, because she knows the IQ is NOT fixed...that memory, reading, and thinking abilities CAN be improved through intense one-to-one cognitive training. She was previous owner of the LearningRx in Norfolk, NE, and before that taught school for 15 years. She earned her Master's Degree from the University of Lincoln in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies from Nebraska Christian and a Bachelor of Arts in Scondary Education from Wayne State College.

LearningRx is a training center that offers cognitive skills testing and a variety of unique programs that tailor to your child’s needs. They dramatically enhance learning ability—even in advanced students. For students who struggle, LearningRx can overcome frustrating learning and reading problems in as little as 12 to 24 weeks. This unique power comes from LearningRx’s focus on individualized one-on-one learning skills training. Your child struggles or underachieves for a reason. LearningRx can identify that reason and improve your child’s core ability to learn and read. We guarantee it.

Get a Cognitive Skills Profile for your child. Don’t wait. Contact a local LearningRx at www.learningrx.com




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