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May 24
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by Dennise Goldberg

We as parents feel we know our children better than anyone else, especially when something is wrong.  Even after your child has an IEP for a specific disability, there’s always a possibility another one will pop up.  At age 4, my son’s eligibility for special education services was SLI, Speech/Language Impaired.  By kindergarten my husband and I knew there was something else wrong.  We felt he also had a processing problem as well, so we had him tested for a learning disability.  The tests came back inconclusive.  The school told us to come back in 2nd grade if we felt the problem still existed.  I went to the school psychologist in the fall of 2nd grade to once again request testing for a learning disability.  The school psychologist asked what his grades were and I told her they were mainly 2’s (partial progress) and a few 3’s (grade level).  She told me that he wouldn’t qualify for services based on those grades.  I told her I know there is something wrong with his ability to learn certain concepts and I wanted him tested.  She spent the next 30 minutes trying to talk me out of the tests, but I refused to be persuaded by her rationale for not complying with my request.  She finally gave up and agreed to test my son.  Sure enough, the tests showed he had Auditory Processing Disorder.  As a result, his eligibility is now SLD, Specific Learning Disability.  As I mentioned earlier, we as parents know our children better than anyone else.  TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS….they’ll probably be right!

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2 Responses to “Trust Your Instincts”

  1. This is so true. We had issues with our daughter that seemed minor but she just wasn’t getting some of the simple items but other more complex items she was able to get.

    Turns out we should have trusted our instincts once we did we started getting the results we needed.

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  2. Very cool site, but you must improve your logo graphics.

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