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Jul 30
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by Dennise Goldberg

10. Get your child excited about going back to school by talking with them about it.

9.  Go school supply shopping with your child and let them choose the school supplies that they want…..within reason of course!

8.  If your child receives transportation, make sure it’s arranged in advance and that your child is fully informed so that they are comfortable with it.

7.  Start adding more structure to your child’s daily routine, such as an earlier bedtime, so that the first week of school isn’t so traumatic.

6.  Research grade level standards for your state in order to prepare your child for what they will be learning in the new school year.  If your child is working on a modified curriculum familiarize yourself with the differences.

5.  Read your child’s current IEP again and create a list of accommodations and services.  Provide a copy of this list to the teacher.

4.  Photocopy your child’s IEP and hand it to the teacher the first day of school.  This is very important because the beginning of the school year is usually quite chaotic and the teacher may not receive a copy from their office for a couple of weeks.

3.  If you have an annual IEP to be held early in the school year, make sure an assessment plan is created and signed in a timely manner.

2.  Arrange a parent/teacher conference to discuss your child’s strengths, disabilities, accommodations, services and personality.  Many special education children have idiosyncrasies that the teacher should know about.

1.  Create a service log of your child’s services so that you can track compliance and periodically ask the School for their logs to double check accuracy..  Always remember that you have a legally binding contract with the School District and if your child does not receive their services, you have a right to ask for replacement hours.

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2 Responses to “Top Ten Back to School Tips for Parents Whose Children Have an IEP”

  1. Great tips. School doesn’t start here for a month, but it’s not too soon to attend to these details. I especially like the recommendation to have an early meeting with the classroom teacher.
    Carolyn Stone

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  2. Thank you for sharing this We have already done a lot of what is on this list. School states here in a week.

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