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Jan 23
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by Dennise Goldberg

Last week I attended a workshop about Apps for kids with Special Needs. We reviewed many Apps, but the one that everyone seemed to like the most was Cookie Doodle. You begin by selecting your cookie recipe. The next screen is a list of ingredients, including the measurements, along with pictures of each one. You move each ingredient into the mixing bowl, thus exercising the child’s fine motor, language and sequencing abilities.

After that, the screen switches to the mixing bowl containing all the ingredients so that they can all be mixed together; followed by a rolling pin to prepare the dough for the cookie cutter.

There are a variety of shapes to choose from, everything for animals, holiday and the alphabet. Once you have made your selection, the cookie is ready to bake and the alarm sounds when it is done. Next comes the really fun part….decorating!! You can choose the frosting, piping and sprinkles.

After the cookie has been decorated, you can choose to eat it or store it in the cookie jar.

From there, you can select from a variety of plates and table cloths to display all the cookies that you’ve made.

After the workshop, I couldn’t wait for my son to come home from school so we could play Cookie Doodle together! I made the first cookie, and then he took over….I had to remind him to take turns because I enjoyed it as much as he did! This weekend my 12 year niece, who is Neurotypical (NT), stayed over; I showed her the App as well and she loved it too!! What I like about Cookie Doodle is that it’s fun for all ages…whether you are NT or need a little additional help. It’s a fun App that you can play with your child or by yourself, if you feel so inclined. Let’s face it…what better way to put a smile on a child’s face, then a homemade cookie!!!

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The Cutest Therapy App for only 99 cents: Coookie Doodle, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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The Cutest Therapy App for only 99 cents: Coookie Doodle

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