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May 02
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by Dennise Goldberg

Last night I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Marianne Russo, Founder, President and Host of The Coffee Klatch. The Coffee Klatch is an interactive forum on Blog Talk Radio and Twitter bringing you internationally renowned expert guests including award winning authors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, advocates, celebrity activists and representatives from the world’s most respected children’s foundations.  I was lucky enough to be an invited guest.

The interview which lasted about 50 minutes covered topics ranging from Individualized Education Programs, Section 504, advocacy and my latest passion Special Education Advisor. The interview is presented below and I hope you enjoy it.

Listen to internet radio with The Coffee Klatch on Blog Talk Radio

If you want to learn more about the Coffee Klatch visit their brand new updated website at www.theCoffeeKlatch.com

If you are in the Southern California area and want to hire an Advocate, visit my Advocacy business, Gold Standard Advocates, Inc. at www.theIEPAdvocates.com

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2 Responses to “The Coffee Klatch Interview with Dennise Goldberg”

  1. I loved listening to you on The Coffee Klatch. In the program it was mentioned it was against the law to change locations of services. Where in the law is this at. There is a situation where location were changes were made and then IEP was changed after the fact. Thanks.

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  2. Thanks Dawn.

    Take a look at the following link:


    The SD is suppossed to provide you with PWN prior to any change of placement. If you disagree in writing regarding the change of placement they cannot unilaterally move your child.

    The SD would have to then take you to Due Process and convince a hearing officer that their placement is appropriate. If they have already moved your child without your consent you would need to file for Due Process to get them returned to the prior placement.

    Thanks Dennise

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