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Mar 17
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by Doug Goldberg

I have a strong urge today to remind myself and others why IEP’s matter.  You see, sometimes we get so caught up in the legalese of Special Education that we forget about the child who needs our help.  So below are my reasons that IEP’s matter:

1.   Every child deserves to have their rights protected even if they have a disability;

2.   Every child deserves to have a chance to lead a productive and independent life;

3.   Every Child deserves a chance to be taught life skills that will help them gain employment in the future;

4.   Every child deserves a chance to continue in post-secondary education;

5.   Every child deserves to be taught based on their unique needs;

6.   Every child deserves a chance to learn and not at a pre-determined pace but at their own pace;

7.   Every child deserves a chance to learn how to interact with people and make friends.  Socialization is a big part of the curriculum and don’t ever let anyone tell you any different;

8.   Every child deserves a chance to be inspired and not feel like an outcast for being different;

9.   Every child deserves a chance to find their own voice and self-advocate for themselves; and

10.  Because every child matters!!!

Why do you think IEP's matter?  We want to hear from you please comment below.

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Ten Reasons that Individualized Education Programs Matter, 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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5 Responses to “Ten Reasons that Individualized Education Programs Matter”

  1. Great blog entry – a short and powerful summary of the importance of why its crucial to develop meaningful IEPs for students.

    Crawford Dedman
    Special Education Advocacy Consultant

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  2. It is unfortunate that many administrators forget that the “I” in IEP stands for individual. Thank you for the article reminding us all that kids deserve an educational environment that is based on their individual needs. For example, many schools are reducing special ed programs and mainstream kids to save money. Mainstreaming is so important for special needs children when they are ready for it. However, like everything else in an IEP it should be based on the child’s needs not the school’s budget.

    Alycia Shapiro
    SensoryEdge Co-Founder

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  3. Thank you for sharing this accurate and inspiring list! I especially love #7 which refers to a child’s socialization. In the past, I have worked with students who are not able to access the full benefit of school due to social skill deficits. It is imperative that we remember that the true benefits of school are BOTH academic and social in nature!

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  4. #7 is so important, but seems to be a non-starter. Because my child has top test scores and her grades are good we have been denied an IEP several times because the system only cares to adhere to the letter of the law – since she can “access the curriculum at an age / grade appropriate level” she has been deemed not in need of any support or services. By curriculum they mean math, reading, and writing – the metrics they can test and on which the school is held accountable.

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  5. Special education is very necessary so as to enable young once get their right of life.

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