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Fun Apps on my Son’s iPad

January 30, 2012 in App Review by Doug Goldberg

The following is a list of fun apps on my son's iPad.  The list is diverse in nature and encompasses many of my son's interests including, Charlie Brown, Disney, Dr. Seuss and Sesame Street.  Some of these apps are both fun and educational and help my son in an area of need such as inferences and idioms.  Others are just plain fun such as Sonic Racing and Angry Birds!!












If you are the creator or developer of a Special Education Product, App, Book or Assistive Technology Device and you would like Special Education Advisor to review your product please contact us via the contact us form.  We will be putting together both App Lists by category similar to this one as well as doing more in depth App Reviews on individual apps.

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by Jess

Scheduling Homework and the Urge to Battle Zombie Mutants

June 28, 2011 in Special Education Articles by Jess

There is a general acknowledgement in our house that if you can't find my youngest son, go find a computer and there he will be. This really wasn't too much of a problem until he hit high school. Then the workload for school became so intense that it really cut into his computer time and the battle was on.

How do you get a child who is fixated on computer surfing and gaming to concentrate on his homework, which is all done on computers nowadays. At first we tried not allowing any breaks when he came home from school. RIght away to the homework. This way we figured that he would still be in school mode so there would just be the push towrds the end of the day. Now that really didn't have too much effect on his efficiency. In fact, the fighting that ensued was legendary. I tried the positive approach...now if you do your homework you will earn "so much time" on the computer to play your games or surf the net. It didn't really work because he just steamrollered through his homwork, not paying attention and not learning anything. OK, try one down, next... Read the rest of this entry →

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Video Games Help my Special Needs Child Socialize

July 28, 2010 in Special Education Advisor Blog by Doug Goldberg

When my son was around four years old he was seeing an occupational therapist and one of his problems was manipulating anything with his fingers.  It was difficult for him to hold a pencil, button his shirt, zip up his pants, etc.  The occupational therapist recommended buying a v-smile educational video game system for small children. Read the rest of this entry →

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