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Please Step Away From the Child! The Misuse of Paraprofessionals in Inclusive Classrooms

February 21, 2012 in Special Education Articles by Jess

I may upset a few parents with this post, but just know that I what I am about to say is in the best interest of your children. Many, many, many (did I say many?) parents insist that their children with autism have "shadows" when they are included in general education classrooms. Parents tell one another things like, "Whatever you do, make sure the shadow is assigned to your child, not the classroom." In my opinion, the worst thing you can do is to assign a non-certified staff person to a child. In fact, it is not just my opinion. Research has shown that having a shadow assigned to a student can have detrimental effects (Downing, Ryndak, & Clark, 2000); Giangreco & Broer, 2005). Some of the documented negative effects of having shadows assigned to students include: Read the rest of this entry →

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Behaviorists & Paraprofessionals (Aides)

August 18, 2010 in Special Education Advisor Blog by Doug Goldberg

When dealing with behavior, safety and medical issues for Special Education students often times the IEP team will discuss the use of behavior intervention specialists (behaviorists) or paraprofessionals, such as one on one aides or classroom aides.  It’s important to understand the difference between all of these options and the qualifications of the personnel.  Read the rest of this entry →

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