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Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Should NOT WAIT for the Next Annual before Calling an IEP

September 26, 2012 in Special Education Advisor Blog by Dennise Goldberg

1.  If your child is exhibiting new behavioral problems that are interfering with their ability to access the curriculum; your school may need to implement a Behavior Support Plan to extinguish the negative or off task behavior.

2.  If your child is struggling academically in the first semester, don’t wait until second semester to address the problem.  If you have to request new assessments; keep in mind the timeline from the day you authorized the assessments.  The school has 60 days* in which to conduct the assessments and hold an IEP, so if you wait until second semester, the school year might be coming to an end; basically, your child has lost the entire year.  * Some States have different timelines so please check the timelines in your State. Read the rest of this entry →

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by Jess

IEP Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2012 in Special Education Articles by Jess

What are the IEP Meeting Minutes? 


The IEP meeting minutes are the written notes summarizing the decisions and decision-making process of the IEP team and IEP team meeting. It is important to note that IDEIA 2004 does not reference meeting minutes, meeting notes, deliberation notes, or deliberations summaries (from here on called Meeting Minutes). Thus, rules and regulations about meeting minutes do not exist.

However, if the IEP team writes notes summarizing the meeting or decisions made within the meeting, the notes become an official part of your child’s record. Rules regarding confidential records would apply. Read the rest of this entry →

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Don’t be worn down by the School District’s IEP Delay Strategy

March 16, 2011 in Special Education Advisor Blog by Dennise Goldberg

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is excruciatingly SLOW, but then again I can’t think of any Federal law that acts quickly!!!  The problem is IDEA was written to make sure things like assessments and services were done accurately and with much thought but many School Districts are breaking the spirit of the law.  They are using the vague language of the law to delay parents from getting the help their child needs to receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).  Delay is defined as: To cause to be later or slower than expected or desired or to act or move slowly by putting off an action or a decision.  I can’t go more than two hours without receiving a call from a frustrated parent who either, 1) can’t get their child assessed for special education, or 2) can’t get the proper amount of services in their child’s IEP, or 3) can’t get the proper amount of support in their child’s IEP.  The number one reason for these parents frustration is the delay tactics that the school district’s use.  Read the rest of this entry →

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Do you still need to open an IEP for your Child…What are you waiting for?

January 4, 2011 in Special Education Advisor Blog by Dennise Goldberg

It’s 2011 and some school districts are already back in session, it’s time to address your child’s academic struggles and find out why they are not doing well in school.  It is now second semester and before you know it, the school year will be over.  Remember, school districts do not conduct IEP’s during the summer and with all the budget cuts you might not be able to resolve any disputes until the next school year begins.  I’m bringing this up now because recently I’ve been told by some parents that they plan on opening an IEP for their child sometime this year.  I’m glad to hear it, however, there are few details you should be aware of before waiting too long to request an IEP.  Read the rest of this entry →

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