Algebra without Numbers

April 25, 2012 in Special Education Articles by Jess

This post began with this Tweet from a high school math teacher (and "Ed Leadership" student)

"Had 8 out of 9 stdts not complete an Alg I test 2day. Said we never did it b4. Unit started Jan 2. Had flash cards and cheat sheet. What now"

I responded

"Algebra is a method for finding unknowns from knowns in a logical way. You could use numbers, or real things... mysteries are solved through algebra. Kids don't get it because we disconnect it from reality"

The answer?

"or because they don't do homework, take notes, participate, or pay attention"

Me again,

"I always say, kids make rational micro-economic decisions. If they see no value in the course, they will not invest in it"

And this response,

"then maybe they will see value in it when they take it again next year"

followed by

"I shouldn't have to reteach because they were to lazy to try or participate this time. It sucks."

Obviously I could write about many things here, from public disrespect for students to a bit of unfortunate egocentrism ("I shouldn't have to reteach"), but I'm going toward the math here, first, repeating an old joke... Read the rest of this entry →

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