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by Jess

Treasures I found at the Thrift Shop: Autism and Understanding

October 25, 2012 in Special Education Articles by Jess

Today my boy and I were skulking in a thrift store – hunting for treasures. It is one of our favourite pass-times: something we can do together, an adventure of sorts, and always there is the promise of finding something absolutely remarkable. For me that would be some lovely 1940′s kitsch, movie memorabilia, photos or art, or old miscellaneous collectible bits and pieces. For H the treasure could include old movies or electronics, retro pop culture stuff, anything Star Wars or Star Trek, or even a really cool hat. Read the rest of this entry →

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No Autism at the Dinner Table

April 8, 2012 in Special Education Advisor Blog by Dennise Goldberg

I have heard for many years that it is impolite to discuss politics or religion at the dinner table. The reason for this is because many of us use politics and religion, not as a belief or a philosophy, but as a way of defining ourselves. Most people don't mind if you challenge a philosophy, but if you challenge the way they define themselves then it becomes impossible to have a logical discussion. Any commentary counter to their own becomes a threat to their entire existence. Thus, not wanting dinner conversation to end in argument it has been banned from the dinner table. Unfortunately, what I have noticed lately is that it is also becoming increasingly difficult to hold a conversation on autism without it escalating into an argument. I am convinced that the reason for these arguments is because some in the autism community have started to define themselves by autism. We have become a community of: Read the rest of this entry →

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Children’s Book Review: Just Like You

February 9, 2012 in Book Review by Dennise Goldberg

The other day I was watching a talk show and one of the guests brought in a book to help promote disability awareness and acceptance. “Just Like You,” is a book about a spider named Boris, who has one bad leg and a field mouse, named Henry who could not hear or speak. They are best friends who play and live by themselves in the forest; the other animals bullied and shunned them because they were different. One hot day, a fire breaks out in the forest, so Boris and Henry utilize their unique ways to communicate and spread the word that a fire was taking over the forest. Once the forest animals escaped danger, they looked past Boris and Henry’s disabilities and looked at them as equals. Read the rest of this entry →

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Jason McElwain: Acceptance made me what I am today

January 8, 2011 in Special Education Advisor Blog by Doug Goldberg

It’s been over four years since the world first learned about Jason McElwain.  Since his amazing night on a basketball court he has met Oprah, Magic Johnson and then President Bush.  He even won an ESPY award that year for the best moment in sports for 2006.  If you don’t remember Jason take a few minutes and watch the video below. Read the rest of this entry →

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by Jess

If Acceptance Does Not Mean Giving Up: What Does It Mean?

September 27, 2010 in Special Education Articles by Jess

I thought I could never accept my baby’s autism.  After 29 years there are times when I still wonder who my son might have been, and who might I have been as well.  Sometimes it seems like only yesterday when I held Tariq for the first time.  My heart pounded with excitement as I held his soft body next to my heart and our eyes met. Instantly he made me a father with visions of playing baseball and building model airplanes together and having a warm, close relationship. Read the rest of this entry →

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