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After 27 Years, School Districts in California are once again responsible for Mental Health Services

July 15, 2011 in Special Education Advisor Blog by Dennise Goldberg

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), children with disabilities are entitled to a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) with the assistance of related services.  One of these related services are mental health services.  A child, who qualifies for special education, has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and who requires mental health services may receive services at no cost. 

Prior to 1984, California schools were responsible for providing these mental health services for students with an IEP who needed them.  In 1984, the California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown authored AB 3632 requiring counties, not School Districts, to provide these mental health services to the students that qualified.  This was because there were major concerns that students with mental health needs were not receiving proper mental health services as required by IDEA.  After 27 years of California School Districts working jointly with County Mental Health to provide these mental health services, last week all of that changed!! Read the rest of this entry →

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Son-In-Law of Special Olympics Founder Suspends AB 3632 Mental Health Services for Children

October 20, 2010 in Special Education Advisor Blog by Dennise Goldberg

On October 8, 2010, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the $133 million dollars that was supposed to reimburse county mental health facilities for providing services to special needs children.  He also suspended AB 3632, which stated that county mental health facilities were to provide services for special education students.  As a result of this, the State of California will no longer be required to provide mental health services for these children. School districts will now be responsible for paying for mental health services, so long as they are identified in an IEP.  My question is….how could this happen? Read the rest of this entry →

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