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Special Education Articles


Are you worried about medicating your child with ADD or ADHD by Dr. Kari Miller

Driven to Distraction by Anesthesia By Maureen Casey

Educational techniques for ADHD:  Bracketing distracting thoughts by Dr. Kari Miller

Educational techniques for ADHD: What are Executive Function Skills by Dr. Kari Miller

Five Simple Stages that can Help your Child Manage Their ADHD at School by Laura Rivas

Messy Handwriting Is a Predictor of ADHD and School Problems in Girls by Claire Nissenbaum, M.A., F.A.O.G.P.E.

Spotting Inattentive ADHD by Tess Mercer

Teaching your ADHD child how much attention academic tasks require by Dr. Kari Miller

The Most Essential Factors in Parenting Students with ADHD by Dr. Kari Miller



About Neuropsychological Evaluations by Geraldine Markel, Ph.D.

Early Screening for Hearing Loss can Prevent Academic Failure by Dr. Kari Miller

How to Assess and Build Reading Fluency in Children by Karina Richland, M.A., E.T.

How and Why do we Evaluate Attention by William Shryer, DCSW, LCSW

It’s Not All about the Numbers by  Dr. Craig Pohlman

I've Decided to pay for a Private Evaluation for My Child - What Should I Expect by Melissa B. Singer, Ph.D.

Learning Disability Identification by Joyce Reynolds-Ward, M.S.

My child needs a psychological assessment – should I have this done through the school or privately? by Melissa B. Singer, Ph.D.

My Child was referred for psychological testing - what does that mean? by Melissa B. Singer, Ph.D.

Stonewalling the IEP by Dr. Gary G. Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis

The Common Core Standards: How Will They Change Teaching and Assessment? by Deborah A. Taub, PhD

What a Good IEP Looks Like by Ira David Socol

What do Assessments Results Really Say? by Tim Runner

What do Attention, Thinking, Planning, Memory and Follow-through Have in Common? by Drs. Utay

What is a Cognitive Skills Profile by Mary Jo Cassner

What is a Learning Disability, Really? by Carol Murphy, MA, CCC-SLP

What is Nonverbal Learning Disability (Disorder) by Maureen Finaldi, M.S

When an Attention Deficit Isn’t By Dr. Craig Pohlman


Assistive Technology & EdTech

Assistive Technology: Creating the Perfect Fit by Lindsey Alexander

Blended e-Learning to the Rescue: 6 Available Models by Jan Kuyper Erland

Free for Download: The Updated Freedom Stick by Ira David Socol

The Freedom Stick and “Massive Resistance” by Ira David Socol

Get Organized with the Latest Smart Phone Apps by Ann Dolin

The Invention of the Intel Reader by Melissa Lion

Is the IPAD Good for Kids’ Attention? by Eitan Schwarz

A Mother's Appeal: Look for Hidden Learning Disabilities Early in School by Valerie Chernek & Kathryn Roset

Toolbelt Theory for Everyone by Ira David Socol

Toolbelt Theory, TEST, and RTI - the universally designed technology effort by Ira David Socol

Transactional Disability by Ira David Socol

What is Assistive Technology and How Can it Help Your Child? by Daniela Baker

Writing without the Blocks by Ira David Socol


Autism & Aspergers

After the Diagnosis: Sadness or Terror by Elise

ASD and Navigating through Adolescence by Sandy Shaw, Ph.D.

Are MRI's the only Method to Diagnose Asperger's? by Susan N. Schriber Orloff, OTR/L

Asperger's Syndrome by William Shryer, DCSW, LCSW

Autism – 1…..Mom – 0 by Jessica

Autism and the Birthday Party by Sabrina Freeman, Ph.D.

Autism: Breaking Down the Disorder by Lori M. Baudino, PSYD, ADTR

Autism in the Age of Technology by Dana Reinecke, PhD, BCBA-D

Autism Inclusion by Flaghouse Inc.

Autistic Teens:  the Driving Dilemma By Susan N. Schriber Orloff, OTR/L

Baby Sign Language & Autism by Etel Leit, MS

Beware of the Color Chart by Deb Leach, Ed.D., BCBA

Bring ABA into Inclusive Classrooms Instead of Sending Students with ASD to ABA Schools and Programs By Deb Leach, Ed.D., BCBA

Creative Cognitive Approaches tin the Treatment and Education of the Severely Autistic Children by Rebecca Sperber, MS, MFT

Dear Kids with Autism, Prompt Dependency is Not Your Fault By Deb Leach

Determined Young man with Aspergers Shares his Journey and Hope for the Future by Renee Nichols

Diagnosis of Autism by Paula M. Santos, Psy.D., BCBA-D, Corporate Clinical Director of Wellspring

DSM  5: A view from the trenches by Robert Naseef, Ph.D.

Early Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders by Paula M. Santos Psy.D., BCBA-D

Educating Educators: Autism in the Classroom By Mildred Schwarz - Autism Training Solutions

Every time the phone rings....I jump by Robert A. Naseef. Ph.D.

Floor Time: A Developmental Approach to Play Therapy for Children Impacted with Autism by Esther B. Hess, Ph.D.

Freedom, Safety and Parental Peace of Mind by Elise Ronan

Girls and Women on the Autism Spectrum by Kate Reynolds

Going Green: Six Easy Ways to Improve Your Health, Your Home & Relax by Lauren S. Henry

Health Insurance Covergae for Autism and Other Disbailities by Melissa A. Remer, Attorney at Law

I Have to Get Ready for the Real World...but how by Brian R. King

If Acceptance Does Not Mean Giving Up: What Does It Mean? by Robert A. Naseef. Ph.D.

Improving Deficits in Communication, Collaboration and Creativity in the Education of the Severly Autistic Student by Rebecca Sperber, MS, MFT

Inclusion Isn’t Just for “High Functioning” Kids with ASD by Deb Leach, Ed.D., BCBA

Meltdown at the Airport By Brian R. King LCSW

Nine Myths About Aspergers by Steve Emfield

Please Step Away From the Child! The Misuse of Paraprofessionals in Inclusive Classrooms  By Deb Leach, Ed.D., BCBA

Preventing Meltdowns: Outsmarting the Explosive Behavior of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Judy Endow MSW

Prompting Using Graduated Guidance By Daniela Fazzio, PhD, BCBA-D

Proposed DSM-5 Changes & Autism: Future Implications By Elise Ronan

Proposed DSM 5 Changes and Autism: What Parents & Advocates Need to Know by Lee Anne Owens

Seven Things I Wish Someone had Told Me When My Daughter Was First Diagnosed with Autism by Bobbi Sheahan with Kathy DeOrnellas, Ph.D.

Social Thinking and Applied Behavior Analysis by Michelle Garcia Winner and Chris Abildgaard

To Punish or Not to Punish by Paula M. Santos, Psy.D., BCBA-D, Corporate Clinical Director of Wellspring

The Integration Ballet by Sabrina Freeman, Ph.D.

The Other Side of the Spectrum by Melanie Costello

Throwing a Party for Children on the Autism Spectrum by Kate Reynolds

Traveling with Children on the Autism Spectrum by Andrew Schlegelmilch, Ph. D.

What Autism Awareness Should be About by David Celiberti, PhD, BCBA-D

What Are You Wearing? by Lauren S. Henry

What Makes a Good Classroom for Student’s with Autism Spectrum Disorders by  Ronald Leaf, Rick Schroeder, Leticia Palos-Rafuse & John McEachin, Adapted from a chapter in It’s Time For School: Building Quality ABA Educational Programs (Different Roads to Learning, 2008)

When I Hug My Son, He Doesn't Hug Me Back by Robert A. Naseef. Ph.D.


Chronic Illness

Do You Need A 504 Plan for Your Child’s Health Needs? by Meryl Ain, Ed.D.

Preventing School Absence from Asthma by Ellie Goldberg, M.Ed.


Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones: Relevance to Nursing and Early Childhood Education by Lauren Drakes, MS and Karen Vaughn-Kerns ARNP, CNM, MS  


Education System

A Matter of Trust By Lyn Pollard

Beware districts forcing settlement agreements By Gregory Branch

Can the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Help Your Child in School? Yes, Now More Than Ever! By Allison Hertog, Esq., M.A.

Counting the Origins of Failure by Ira David Socol

Do relationships with Special Education departments have to be adversarial? by Julia Roberts

Everyone’s Favorite Part of an IEP Meeting: Continuum of Placement Options By Nicole Reed, Ed.S

Good Functional Behavioral Assessments Lead to More Effective Behavior Intervention Plans By Jennifer Fuller James

How to Get From Here to There in an IEP Meeting by Vaughn Lauer Ph.D.

IDEA Leadership Conference: Leading Together to Achieve Success from Cradle to Career by Elaine Mulligan

IEP’s, Football, and the Importance of Coaches by Sandy Strassman-Alperstein

IEP Meeting Minutes By Melissa L. Olive, Ph.D., BCBA-D

If Schools Could Have IEP’s By Gregory Branch, Esq.

Is Your School District Trying to Balance the Budget on the Backs of Special Ed Kids? By Allison Hertog, Esq., M.A.

I say, No cuts for Special Education by Cindy Nemitz

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE): How to Prevent Unnecessary Conflicts By Dr. Gary G. Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis

Playing (and Winning) the School District’s Game of Chicken By Robert C. “TJ” Thurston, Esq.

Principal who degraded special education student as “psychopath” retains job by Gregory Branch, Esq.

Putting the D in to the IEP: Why Advocating for a Child with Dyslexia is so Difficult by Kelli Sandman-Hurley, Ed.D.

Roadmap to Transition Planning By Nicole Reed, Ed.S.

Self-Efficacy by Walt Smith

Ten Myths About Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) By Bob Fitzsimmons, M.A., M.Ed., Consultant

Tying the Science of Special Education to the Law by ne M. Zachry – KPS4Parents, Inc

Understanding the Importance of IEP Goals and Objectives By Jennifer Fuller James


Educational Strategies

Accomodations by Peter Flom

Algebra without Numbers by Ira Socol

Back to School Tips for Special Needs Kids by Dr. Kari Miller

Brain Gym Improves Functions by Barbara Schwartz, M.A

Bribes (Or Rewards) – How to Motivate Your Student to be Successful in High School By Dr. Jessica Alvarado

Can Students with Learning Disabilities Learn how to Learn by Dr. Gary G. Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis

Cognitive Skills' Outcome Based Intervention Revealed the Latency Effect for Struggling Learners by Jan Kuyper Erland

Developing Time Management Skills by Jason Thomas

Dyscalculia: Not a Cool Math Concept by Lewis Hall

Effective educational services for students with special learning needs by Dr. Kari Miller

Equine Facilitated Therapy: Three Methods by Carol Murphy, MA, CCC-SLP

Exercising your Brain by Dr. Andrew Yellen

Fear Factor: Getting over the Biggest Obstacle to Inclusion by Timothy Villegas

Five Remediation Solutions for Learning Problems by Jan Kuyper Erland

Four Simple Ways to Help the Easily Frustrated Child by Ann K. Dolin, M.Ed.

Getting organized when you are learning disabled by Peter Flom

How to Help With Math by Ann K. Dolin, M.Ed.

How to write a song for Kids By Margie La Bella

In Praise of Praise: The Right Words can Motivate your Child by Ann K. Dolin, M.Ed.

Intensive Sensory Integration Instruction Transforms Handwriting by Jan Kuyper Erland

Learning Disabilities as a Mountain by Peter Flom

Learning "Sculpts" Brain Connection by Susan N. Schriber Orloff, OTR/L

Launch your Child to School Success with this Easy-to-Use Strategy by Ann K. Dolin, M.Ed.

Middle School Magic or Madness by Jawanda B. Mast

My Dog Ate My Homework!” – Tips and Tools to Organize Homework and Reduce Stress by Wendy Taylor, M.Ed.

Overcoming Math Disabilities by Dr. Kari Miller

Playroom Design: Designing for Academic Success by Teresa M. Signorelli, PhD, CCC-SLP

Plugged In and Tuned Out: When Technology Intereferes with Homework by Ann K. Dolin, M.Ed.

Ten Easy Tips to Help Your Elementary Age Child Study for a Test by Ann K. Dolin M.Ed.

The Importance of Remediating Dyslexia by Mara Waldhorn

The Treatment of Executive Function Skills using Equine Assisted Therapy and Hippotherapy by Carol Murphy, MA, CCC-SLP

Trashing the Branding Iron by Eldon "Cap" Lee

When Teens Say No to Homework by Ann K. Dolin M.Ed.

Why Is Learning Style So Important? by Ann K. Dolin M.Ed.

Why Parents Need to Know About Neuroplasticity by Nancy Sokol Green


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

Advocating for Emily Part 1 by Lori Gertz

Advocating for Emily Part 2: Getting an IEP is Never as Easy as it Looks by Lori Gertz

Advocate On Fire – Emily enters First Grade by Lori Gertz


Financial Planning

A 10 Point Financial Checklist for Special Needs Families and Caregivers by Todd Daniel

Seven Myths About Special Needs Life Care Planning by Todd Daniel


Fragile X Syndrome

Strengths and Challenges of Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome by H. Laurie Yankowitz, Ed.D


Occupational Therapy

Four common myths associated with handwriting by Kerri Bailey, OTR/L

Five Practical Sensory Strategies for the Classroom By Sari Ockner, OTR/L

Hand Strengthening Activities for Children By Sari Ockner, OTR/L

In Home Sensory Items You Can Create or Find for Cheap By Sari Ockner, OTR/L

Learning and its Relationship to Sensory-Based Brain Activity by Susan N. Schriber Orloff, OTR/L

Occupational Therapy: More than just handwriting! by Kelly Beins

Pencil Picks for Sensory Kids By Sari Ockner, OTR/L

Soothing the Sensory Soul: Is your child horrible or horribly upset? by Susan N. Schriber Orloff, OTR/L



A Letter to the MOTHER Who Rolled Her Eyes at My Son by Sharon Fuentes

All about the IEP by Elaine Mulligan

Advocacy: Your Present Job, Your Child's Future Job by Elise

The Anatomy of Self Care by Erica Curtis

The Benefit of Sports for Children with Special Needs by Steve Flores

Become your Teacher’s helper: Tips from ASD kids to Teachers By Elizabeth Kavanagh

Before the school year begins: simple ways to empower your child by Mary Mazzoni

Dear School Personnel, Community Members and Neighbors by Marianne Russo

Does your Child have a Learning Disability by  Lisa L. Melton

Encouraging Productive Homework Habits: The Parents Role in Middle and High School by Geraldine Markel, Ph.D.

Fending Off Isolation – 5 Tips from Parents of Kids with Autism By Eric Peacock

Focus, dude by Cynthia Gregory

For parents of special needs students:  Raising a successful college graduate by Dr. Kari Miller

Get Organized - From the Outisde In by Erica Curtis, MFT, ATR-BC

Helping Parents Begin Conversations with Teachers by Gayle Hernandez, BA/MEd

Holiday Blues Busters by Neil A. Quatrano

Homework for Children with a Disability by Elise Ronan

Homework Hydra Strikes Again by Elise Ronan

Hopes and Dreams by Jess Wilson

How can the BRRRRR Strategy Help You at an IEP Meeting by Dr. Gary G. Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis

How to "Connect", Step by Step by Brian R. King

How to know if you’re getting the best quality treatment services for your child By Steve Kossor

The IEP Zone by Chris Vacek

Is the Behavior in my Child's Control? by Erica Curtis

Make Your Emotions Work for You by Peter Attwood

Monitoring Your Child's Education Through Observation by Stacey Hoaglund, Special Needs Consultant

Parenting Tips for Special Needs Children with Math Disabilities by Dr. Kari Miller

Parents Teaching Structure by Dr. Andrew Yellen

Parent-Teacher Teamwork and a Dash of the Unexpected Help Coax Breakthroughs for Special Needs Kids by Jaime Grover

Parents and Bad Behavior by Dr. Andrew Yellen

Raising Cooperative Kids - Three Things You Should Never Do  by Dr. Kari Miller

Scheduling Homework and the Urge to Battle Zombie Mutants by Elise Ronan

Summer Shock by Raven W. Green

Supports for Familes with Children with Disabilities by Natalie “Holly” Reimann, MA, CCC-SLP

The Overwhelming Choices of a Parent by Lori Gertz

Turning Up the Heat...When to Bring in a Lawyer and File for Due Process by Jen Laviano, Attorney at Law

Two Worlds Collide by Penny Williams

What is a Parent Under “IDEA” by Wade Chernick, Attorney at Law

When the child you thought you were going to have is gone by Vanessa Hernandez, Director of Living With Trisomy 13

You are a Parent (Support and Wellness for Parents of Special Needs Children) by Linda M L Bull, MS LLP

You Can't Fix it: Reading Fluency and Dyslexia in Teenagers by Tara Klein

You Catch more Bees with Honey... by Barbara Dittrich 


Physical Therapy

Medical versus Educational Therapy by Judy Lindsay, PT



Preschool for Children with Special Needs by Erica Curtis


Reading & Reading Comprehension

Does your child have difficulties learning to read?  Orton-Gillingham to the Rescue! by Karina Richland, M.A., E.T.

Effective Reading Comprehension Techniques: Clicks & Clunks by Dr. Kari Miller

Help Your Struggling Reader Develop a Strong Vocabulary by Dr. Gary G. Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis

How Important is Reading Comprehension with video by Karina Richland, M.A., E.T.

“Mom, I Can’t Read!”: The truth about literacy, struggling readers, and dyslexia by Sarah Forrest

Reading Comprehension by Karina Richland, M.A., E.T.

Reading Comprehension Strategies that Work: Anchoring Visualizations by Dr. Kari Miller

Reading Comprehension Strategies that work: F.A.C.T. Mnemonic  by Dr. Kari Miller

Reading Disabilities: The Make or Break Grade by Dr. Gary G. Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis

Response to instruction and intervention (RtI2) in LAUSD: Reading and the special needs student by Dr. Kari Miller

Struggling Readers Need Small Class Sizes by Dr. Gary G. Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis

The Keys to remembering What You Read  by Ann Dolin M.Ed.

The reading process: Research supported teaching strategies by Dr. Kari Miller

The Undiagnosed Disability: Reading Comprehension by Lisa Guffey

What is the Orton-Gillingham Approach by Dr. Walter E. Dunson

What is your Child's Special Education Teacher Reading This Summer by Morgan Kolis, Special Educator

Why Teach Explicit, Systematic Phonics by Dr. Walter Dunson


Restraint & Seclusion

End Seclusion and Unnecessary, Dangerous Restraints in Schools. Our Children’s Lives Depend on It. by Denise Stile Marshall, Executive Director, Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc.



Keeping our kids safe at school by Michelle K. Wolf, Parent Advocate and Non-Profit Professional


Speech & Language

Auditory Processing Disorder and Learning by Karina Richland, M.A., E.T.

An Interview with Carol Murphy: The impact of speech-language disorders on learning

Are Least Restrictive Environments Actually Most Restrictive Environment In Disguise for Deaf Students? by Dr. E. Lynn Jacobowitz & Dr. Adonia K. Smith

Attaining Success for Second Language Learners by Deborah Jill Chitester M.S., C.C.C/SLP

Bully: A Movie Review by Tanya Gesek, Ph.D.

Developing Communication Skills in the Atypical Child By Jane Iannacconi

Does Sign Language Help or Hurt Children with Special Needs? by Etel Leit, MS

Face to Face Time by Etel Leit, MS

Feeding Therapy: Treating the Whole Child by Melanie Potock

How Sign Language Helps Children With Special Needs by Etel Leit, MS

Is Baby Sign Language just a Parenting Fad? by Etel Leit, MS

Language is not just about Speech by Peter Flom

Lifelong Learning As A Special Ed Therapy Professional By Allie Gray Freeland

Literate Links By Carol Murphy, MA, CCC-SLP

Sign Language is for Children with Special Needs by Etel Leit, MS

Speech Therapy Jargon: Speech & Language Terms by Jacky G.

STOP Playing with Your Food and Just EAT IT! By Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP

Six Techniques to Facilitate Early Childhood Speech by Craig Selinger, MS, CCC-SLP

Spelling Defined by Lisa Guffey

Spelling is often relegated to memorizing a list of words to spell by Sasha Borenstein, M.Ed.

Telepractice Speech and Language Therapy by Melissa Jakubowitz 

Telepractice is becoming increasingly popular. Are you on board?  by Jeremy Glauser

What is Online Speech Therapy like? by Jeremy Glauser



Abled and Disabled by Peter Flom

Anxiety—The Hidden Disability: It Affects One in Eight Children by Jessica Minahan, M.Ed, BCBA

Change Your Ways! By Pamela Crooke, PhD, CCC-SLP - Social Thinking Center

Creative Music Therapy: Music’s Capacity to Reach Developmental Potential By Stacey Hensel MA, MT-BC, LCAT, NRMT

Crisis Plans in the Classroom by Tanya Gesek, Ph.D.

Crying in Therapy by Natan Gendelman

Fight or Flight: Anxiety in the Classroom by Tanya Gesek, Ph.D.

How to Change Your Child's Behavior the Easy Way by Neil A. Quatrano

I Could Just Die by Dr. Andrew Yellen

Is it Time to Look at Therapeutic Schools? By Lori Gertz

Music: A Sdientific Elixir Balances the Brain and Mends the Mind by Dr. Albert Forwood

Overnight Camp for my Kid with Special Needs by Ryan Wexelblatt MSS

Reality and misconceptions about helping kids improve their social skills by Ryan Wexelblatt, MSS

Role of self-belief in academic success. Max’s triumph by Dr. Kari Miller

Storytelling & Singing with A Group of Children Using Person-Centered Techniques by Sally Rae Rogers M.Ed.

Students at Sierra Academy of Scottsdale Learn Valuable Lessons from Four-Legged ‘Therapists’ By Sierra Academy at Scottsdale

Teenage Mutant Bipolar Heroes by Kit Johnson

The Effects of Sunshine by Lauren Henry

The Importance of Play by Nancy Allard, M.A., OTR/L, Director of The Luma Center™, Valley Forge Educational Services

Thoughtful Inclusion by Michelle Garcia Winner

Top 10 Most Important Sensory Environment Tips by Lauren Henry

What Special Education Students Need to Know to Thrive in College by Dr. Kari Miller

What Should a Child's Behavior Treatment Plan Look Like by Steven Kossor, Licensed Psychologist & Certified School Psychologist

Why Do We Need Social Skills by Megann Czekalski, MA, BCABA

Why is He Behaving "That Way"?:  The Answer PEAT by Dr. Gary G. Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis

Working Together to Educate a Child with an Emotional Disability by Jennifer Fuller James



A Long Overdue Letter to My Son as you Start Your Fourth Year of Teaching by Gail Ray

Assignment Notebooks, IEP's and Teaching a Bad Lesson by Cindy Nemitz

Beginning a New School & Knowing When to Say Goodbye by Gail Ray

China, Special Education and Time Travel by Chris Vacek

Classroom Magic By Sandra Arntzen, M.Ed

Differentiated Instruction In The Classroom: How Why What and Where By Mari Nosal, M.Ed., CECE

For Special Needs Students at Sierra Schools running a Small Business is a Lesson in Life Skills by Michael Kaufman, President & CEO Specialized Education Services Inc.

Forty Must See YouTube Videos to Learn About Effective Special Education Teaching Methods by Matt Holden

High Road "unleashes" a Cheerful New Therapist by Michael Kaufman, President & CEO Specialized Education Services Inc

IEP Goals and objectives: Are these any good? by Dr. Gary G. Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis

I'm Not Your Enemy: Secrets From Your Child's Special Education Teacher by Morgan Kolis Special Educator

Injustice stems from fear: One Community by Amanda Gain

Inclusive Class Strategies: How Parents and Teachers Can Work Together by Nicole Eredics

I Was a 6-Year Old Freak by Matthew Ray

Learning Basic Life Skills in High School by Eric Peres

Reinventing the Teacher by Mr. Foteah

Successful Parent-Teacher Partnerships of High School Students by Dr. Jessica Alvarado

The Other Side of the IEP Table by Gail Ray

Teaching Tips and Techniques for Special Needs Educators: Make a Difference by Thinking Differently By Brian D. Hadfield – Middle School Teacher

Thinking About the Futrue? Your Child's Special Education Teacher Should Be. by Morgan Kolis, Special Educator

Today's College Doesn't Fit All of Today's Students by Gail Ray

Top Ten Ways to Tell if Your Child's School is Inclusive by Nicole Eredics

What are CILs, and Why Should You Know About Them? by Mary Mazzoni

What not to Say to LD People by Peter Flom

Working Together to Keep Our Most Challenged Students in Traditional Schools By Michael Kaufman Ph.d


XXX Syndrome

XXX Syndrome:  early learning and sensory developmental implications by Susan N. Schriber Orloff, OTR/L



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