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The IEP Success Kit
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The IEP Success Kit

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Created by Veteran IEP Advocates So Parents and Service Providers Can Handle an IEP Like a Pro!rn

Full Description

We created the IEP Success Kit to give parents and service providers the tools we use every day to successfully advocate for our clients.  We not only walk you through the process of how to successfully advocate for your child, but also get and keep you organized.  The IEP Success Kit starts off by educating you about the IEP process and your special education rights.  Then you learn how to use the kit to organize and store all of your IEP paperwork in the high quality and durable Success Kit binder for easy access when you need it.  The kit also gives you the tools you need to effectively advocate in meetings, including note taking and documenting who participated and what was said.  Have you struggled with written communications relating to your IEP?  Properly communicating in writing is so very important to your IEP success.  We not only show you how to write effectively through examples, we’ve done almost all of the work for you.  The IEP Success kit includes both hard copy and Word formatted templates for all of the most common and critical letters you are likely to need to send out during your IEP process.  We are so sure the IEP Success Kit will help you advocate like a pro that we offer it with a full 30 Day money back guarantee.

The IEP Success Kit Includes:

  • Step by Step IEP Success Guide
  • Contacts and Meeting Notes Organizer
  • Letter and Other Written Communication Templates
  • IEP Related Document and Records Filing System
  • Nationwide School District and Resources Directory
  • Understanding Test Scores Tutorial & Chart
  • Special Education Dictionary and FAQ
  • Durable and Attractive Hardcover 3 Ring Binder
  • CD containing all documents and files in digital format (Windows and Mac compatible)


“Step-by-step, this kit takes you through the whole process– beginning with requesting an IEP in the first place. It provides IEP background info and clearly defines special education terms that are often left unexplained. If you are a parent or advocate that is often pressed for time and become overwhelmed when piecing together the information you need to prepare for your child or client’s IEP meeting, the IEP Success Kit might be the answer for you!” Molly Garlington, Psychoeducational Therapist TEACCH Autism Program UNC School of Medicine

“As a financial advisor I don’t go into any meeting unprepared.  The IEP Success Kit helped me prepare for my daughter’s IEP meeting the right way.  The School District knew I was serious walking in prepared and organized with the IEP Success Kit”   Dan Feldman, parent of a child with visual processing disorder

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the wealth of information that was provided to me upon purchasing your IEP Success Kit.  In my view, this item is a “must” both for legal practitioners engaged in the field of disabilities law, as well as for parents who are compelled to participate in the IEP process in order to advocate for their children.  I especially was impressed with the level of organization contained within the binder.  It will allow anyone involved in the IEP process to not only better-understand what is taking place, but will equally allow the individual to readily access important documents that may need to be discussed as part of the IEP process.  In summary, I don’t think that there is a better source than the IEP Success Kit available in the market today and I strongly urge that anyone involved in IEPs consider purchasing this item.  I will be advising my clients to acquire the IEP Success Kit so that they, too, can become better advocates for their children.  Thank you for your hard work, diligence and attention to detail in developing this outstanding product.” Wade Chernick, Attorney at Law

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