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The IEP Success Kit (Download Edition)  gives you, whether you are a parent or a service provider, the exact system used by professional IEP advocates.  The IEP Success Kit walks you through the process, step by step, of how to successfully advocate for your child.  Plus it explains how to keep the mountains of paper work, reports, and agreements organized for quick access.  When you walk into a meeting with the IEP Success Kit people will know you mean business.

Get Educated and Organized

The IEP Success Kit (Download Edition) is not just a collection of documents, it is a step by step system that both educates and guides you through the IEP process.  IEP Success Kit starts off explaining the IEP process and your special education rights. Then you learn how to use the kit to organize and store all of your IEP paperwork. The kit also gives you the tools you need to effectively advocate in meetings, including note taking and documenting who participated and what was said.

Struggling with written communications related to your IEP?

Properly communicating in writing is so very important to your IEP success. We not only show you how to write effectively through examples, we’ve done almost all of the work for you. The IEP Success Kit includes templates for all of the most common and critical letters you are likely to need to send out during your IEP process.

The IEP Success Kit Includes:

  • Step by Step IEP Success Guide
  • Contacts and Meeting Notes Organizer
  • Check Lists for Meetings and Documentation
  • Letter and Other Written Communication Templates
  • IEP Related Document and Records Filing System
  • Understanding Test Scores Tutorial & Chart
  • Special Education Dictionary and FAQ


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