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New York Public Schools

Tweed Courthouse

52 Chambers Street

New York, NY  10007

New York City Department of Education is the largest school district in the country.  There are 1,600+ schools servicing 1.1 million students.  Due to its enormous size, there are more students in the school district than 8 other states in the country.  The school district employees 80,000 teachers.

NYC Department of Education services the following Boroughs:

Staten Island

Many students who attend NYC schools speak more than one language at home.  Forty percent of the students live in households where multiple languages are spoken.  In addition, one-third of residents were born in another country.

NYC Department of Education Ethnic Statistics are as follows:

Hispanic 36.7%
Black 34.7%
Asian 14.3%
White 14.2%

Special Education Services are provided through the following organizations:

Integrated Service Center (ISC):  Each borough has an office to provide one-stop help with most mandated services, operational services and some special education services.  The Committees on Special Education (CSEs) also arrange for services in non-public and charter schools as well.  There is also an IEP specialist that oversees and enforces acceptable standards throughout the school system.

Office of Student Enrollment: This office assists with placement, enrollment, zoning and choice programs for all grade levels.  If a student is not receiving the special education services that were recommended by their school, the Office of Student Enrollment will place the student in a collaborative team teaching class or special education class.

School Support Organizations (SSO):  Provides schools with instructional and curricular support for general education and special education programs.

The Special Education Department has a large number of programs and services for students, based on their IEP, to assist them in receiving Free Appropriate Public Education.

Supports and Services are as follows:

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Persuasive Development Disabilities (PDD)
Multiple Disabilities Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
Adaptive Equipment Counseling
Health Services Hearing Education Services
Interpreting Services Occupational Therapy
Orientation and Mobility Services Physical Therapy
Speech/Language Therapy Educational Vision Services


New York Public School Special Education Parent Guide

Learn about Individualized Education Programs (IEP). 

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