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Miami-Dade County Public Schools

1450 NE Second Avenue

Miami, Florida 33132

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is the largest school district in Florida and the fourth largest in the country.  There are 415 schools in the district servicing 379,155 students.  Of the 415 schools, there are 197 elementary schools, 56 middle schools, 21 K-8 centers, 37 charter schools, 23 vocational schools, 5 magnet schools 18 alternative schools and 5 special education centers.

M-DCPS is also the second-largest minority public school district in the country.  The breakdown is as follows:

Hispanic 62%
African American 26%
Non-Hispanic White 9%
Asian or Pacific Islander 1%
Other Minorities 2%

The 5 special education centers are designed for students who have severe mental or learning disabilities which prevents them from accessing the school’s curriculum in a general education class.  They are as follows:

  • Instructional Systemwide Center
  • Merrick Education Center
  • Neva King Cooper Education Center
  • Robert Rennick Education Center
  • Ruth Owens Kruse Education Center

Special education services are referred to as Exceptional Student Education (ESE). Services are offered from three to twenty two years of age.  ESE classes are also offered in middle school and high school.  The following is a brief list of ESE classes:

Grades 6-8

Therapeutic Instructional Support Reading
Math Academics Skills
Hospital Bound Instructional Services Learning Strategies
Physical Education Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy
Exploratory Vocational Exploration Unique Skills


Grades 9-12

English  Reading
Life Skills Communication Life Management and Transition
Specially Designed Physical Education Communication Skills for Functional Living
Driver Education for Special Learners Cognitive and Linguistic Skills
Academic Skills for Functional Living Developmental-Functional Motor and Sensory
Personal and Home Skills for Functional Living Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy  Career Preparation
Physical Therapy  Job Preparatory Education 


Miami-Dade County Public Schools Exceptional Student Education Policies and Procedures    

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