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Hillsborough County Public Schools

Exceptional Student Education 

1202 Palm Avenue 

Tampa, FL  33605 

School District of Hillsborough County (SDHC) is the 8th largest school district in the country.  There are 139 Elementary Schools, 43 Middle Schools, 2 K-8, 25 High Schools, 4 Career Centers and 4 Career/Technical Centers which total 243 schools.  The 60 additional centers consist of Charter, Early Childhood, ESE, etc… 

(SDHC) Exceptional Student Education Program consists of administration, teachers and other district staff who provide support and services to over 29,000 students with disabilities from birth to 21 years of age.  

ESE Programs and Offices are as follows:

Autism Spectrum Disorders



Occupational and Physical Therapy

Pre-kindergarten ESE

Speech, Language and Hearing


Visually Impaired 

ESE Support Services

Alternative Communication Assistive Technology


Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System

Florida Instructional Materials Center for the Visually Impaired

Florida Inclusion Network

The Resource Materials and Technology Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

(SDHC) Department of Student Services provides social work, health, and psychological/diagnostic services to students in early childhood programs through adult education.  If you have any questions regarding social, mental and physical health concerns, please contact this department at (813) 273-7136.

Hillsborough County Public Schools Procedural Safeguards for Students with a Disability

Hillsborough County Public Schools Exceptional Student Eucation Policies and Procedures

Learn about Individualized Education Programs (IEP).  

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