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Mar 07
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by Doug Goldberg

What a fun app for the 3 to 7 year old set and as an added bonus I found myself humming the addictive theme song the rest of the day! Alien Buddies by Artgig Studio is a fun app that has four separate learning games all for the low price of $1.99. According to the Alien Buddies App page, “Meet a cast of cute and quirky characters who will lead your child on an engaging journey to reinforce fundamental skills: recognizing colors, shapes, numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters. Additionally, the app assists in developing fine motor skills and encourages creative play.”

If you just watched the embedded video above you now know what I mean about the addictive theme song. Don’t worry though if you get tired of the song you do have the option to shut it off. As I mentioned above, Alien Buddies comes with 4 educational games:

  1. Matching
  2. Puzzle
  3. Dot to Dot
  4. Stickers

The first game I started with turned out to be my favorite of the four. The matching game teaches colors, letters, shapes and numbers in two ways. First, for the youngest kids, it is a basic matching game. You need to drag the alien with the matching shape on its belly from the platform into the space pod. If you get it correct the space pod flies away with the alien. If you get it incorrect the alien is spring boarded back up to the platform and screams, “OH NOOOOO”. I did have a Mr. Bill flashback at this point but now I’m showing my age. The second, for the older kids who have a better understanding of these concepts already, requires the child to listen to the name of the object they need to match and then drag the picture to the space pod. After you match 10 correctly you are rewarded with a sticker which can be used in the fourth game.

The second game is a puzzle game which comes with 8 puzzles. The puzzle can be adapted for each age group by pushing a button on the top right for four, six or eight year olds. Basically, the only difference is the number of pieces the puzzle is broken up into. There are larger pieces for the younger age group and smaller pieces for the older age group. This game helps the child develop fine motor skills and visual spatial skills as they try and move the pieces to the correct place. After you complete a puzzle you are rewarded with a sticker that can be used in the fourth game.

The third game is a basic dot to dot game. There are 8 different dot to dot pictures that use numbers anywhere from 1 to 17. There are two ways to accomplish the dot to dot picture. You can drag the line from dot to dot or you can simply press each number in the correct order to complete. When you complete a picture the picture is revealed and you are rewarded with a sticker to use in the fourth game.

The fourth game provides 8 backgrounds that you can use to create art with the stickers you have collected by completing the other games. This is a fun free play area where you can have fun creating as many different artworks as you can come up with. There are 40 stickers in all that you can earn and use in this game. This game helps with fine motor skills and imaginative play.

As you can see, Alien Buddies packs a lot of learning and fun into a very affordable price of $1.99. I recommend this app for any child who is learning, or needs reinforcement, on the concepts of colors, shapes, numbers and letters.


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