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Jan 01
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by Dennise Goldberg

Last month I published a list of Special Education Facebook Pages to Like. This was an extensive list of Companies and Organizations that focus primarily on Special Education. What was left off of this list was all of the amazing communities on facebook dedicated to creating a warm, loving, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment for parents raising children with autism and other special needs. Most of these communities are run by parents just like you and me. While I run the Special Education Advisor community page on facebook I spend just as much time on many of the community pages listed below. I also enlisted the help of Jessica at Autism Moms to bolster the list with some of her favorites as well.

Updated List

Homestyle Mama (with a side of Autism) - The Organized Chaos of a large family with multiple diagnoses.

Parenting With Asperger's Syndrome - A mom with Aspergers Syndrome parenting children with Aspergers & Sensory Processing Disorder.

MyAutismTeam - Our mission is to make it easy for parents to find the best autism providers and autism friendly businesses near them. Our belief is that the best source of such information comes from the experience of other parents who have walked in your shoes.

Life’s Little Puzzle - The journey of two parents raising children with autism.

Our Special Families Village - Our Special Families Village is for families who have members with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. A “one stop shop” to make finding information and resouorces as easy as clicking your mouse.

Stop discrimination against special needs - To unite the special needs community against discrimination to the people we love,an provide information,support

Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid - We founded Shut Up, Industries, Inc. with a very important goal -- to create awareness and acceptance of children with disabilities.

Original List

Autism Moms – This is a support group designed to unite mothers and parents of children with Autism. The purpose of this page to help educate, support, and learn from one another in our journey with raising children on the spectrum. My name is Jessica and I am the mother of four boys and two of them have Autism Spectrum Disorders. I started this page as there were very little resources available in my community for parents raising children with ASDs. I hope to unite mothers (and fathers) like myself so that we can learn and grow from one another.

Autism Daddy – I’m a 41 year old dad with an 8 year old son with severe autism. My wife is an Autism Mommy Rock Star! But she doesn’t like me RANTING about autism too much on Facebook to our friends & family. So I’ve created this anonymous Page with which to rant about autism and celebrate my son “Kyle”

Kat’s Café – Kat’s Cafe is the creation of Katrina “Kat” Moody, who felt that parents with children who have special needs should have a place that celebrated the special needs community as a whole and encouraged special needs connections.

Lost and Tired – Lost and Tired is a place for special needs parents, friends,family,teachers and anyone else what wants to discuss the topics of “special needs parenting”, “understanding and supporting a special needs family” and “Autism spectrum disorders”. Lost and Tired was started so we could come together as a community and support one another. Autism is an epidemic that clearly needs so much more attention then it gets. We can help by creating dialog and sharing our stories. Autism Awareness is so incredibly important to our children’s future. Too many families are suffering in silence and they don’t need to. By sharing our stories we can reach out to these families and show them that THEY ARE NOT ALONE. Please join Lost and Tired and help bridge the gap and break the silence of Autism.

Autism from a Father’s Point of View – Stuart Duncan is Raising an Autistic child from a father’s point of view. Here I share all of what it means to me to do everything to make sure my son can have the best life that he can, no matter what. My goal is simply to tell my story, what it’s like to raise a child with Autism. It’s successes, failures and struggles. You may not get the answers you’re looking for but at least you’ll see that you’re not alone. We all have to be the best parents we can be by finding our own way.

Bay Area Mocha Autism Network – BAMAN was formed by Monika Brooks and Nichole Little to form a circle of love and support around other parents and families of loved ones on the Autism Spectrum. We both have Sons who are diagnosed on the spectrum and have found comfort in the ability to speak freely of the triumphs and challenges our Sons have experienced as well as to have some ‘good girl talk’ without fear of rejection if the conversation goes to our Asperger Sons.

Momma’s Little Blessings – Being a momma can be the most difficult yet rewarding job in the world. There is an added bonus when your little one is special needs. We are here to encourage and build up, share the joys, triumphs, and victories of your little blessing that are HUGE in life. Whether it is a smile, a word, first steps, whatever is thrilling your momma’s heart, we want to rejoice and celebrate with you. Share with us your Little Blessing♥

The Puzzling Piece – It is the mission of The Puzzling Piece to raise Autism awareness, as well as help families that have been touched by Autism feel loved and supported through the gift of technology. The Puzzling Piece also honors those who help the children and families touched by Autism by making donations to Autism based non-profit organizations with each sale that is made. Through awareness and the efforts to place iPads in the hands of children, teachers and therapists the Puzzling Piece strives to enhance the lives of children and families touched by Autism.

Mommies of Miracles – Mommies of Miracles is a growing international peer-driven support group of mothers who have children of any age (infant-adult) with complex medical issues, rare or undiagnosed conditions, and/or developmental disabilities.

Single Mothers who have Children with Autism – This page was created by a single mother who has a child with autism to serve as a forum for single mothers who have children with autism to share experiences, stories, resources, trials, challenges, achievements, recommendations, funny stories and any helpful advice that may help another mom facing a similar situation. As single parents, having a support system of not just family and friends is crucial. Having a group of people who are not only familiar with autism but also understand exactly what you’re going through as a single parent may be able to help you out with the intricacies of the condition and how best to cope. Our goal is to therefore create and foster a support system that will be beneficial to all our members. Feel free to visit our page, like if you’re a single mom who have children with autism and share our page with others.

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism – The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism (website & book) helps people with autism & their families make sense of the bewildering array of available autism treatments & options, & determine which are worth their time, money, & energy.

Families for Community – Families For Community is a program of The Arc, Jackson County. We are a parent driven group, working toward building a community where ALL children are given the choice to be included, and afforded every opportunity afforded to their non-disabled peers. We exist to create community among families who have children who experience diabilities of all kinds, through relationships and support opportunities.

John’s Mom – My name is Shannon and I created this page to write about the daily challenges and triumphs of life with autism. To help create awareness, acceptance and understanding for people with Autism. I am a mother of a 3 yr old son John who has autism.

We Care About Someone with Autism – We all know at least one special person with autism and know of their struggles as well as that of their families. Every day can be difficult. Every day can be rewarding. When we get up in the morning, we can’t predict which way it’s going to go. We support each other here and share information. It’s been a while since I’ve been thrown into the “Autism World” and there are many things I’ve learned, but I would never consider myself an “expert” — just an “experienced mom”, learning more and new lessons every day. Won’t you help me discover the secrets and mysteries of “autism”?

No Guile: Life and Stories From Autism – This is our life. The craziness. Good, bad, and indifferent we are in this together.

Mama’s Turn Now- How my son with Aspergers is teaching me to be happy – A mom of a kid with Autism searching for her passion between 7:50am-2:35pm Mon-Fri unless of course there is a snow day… then just forget about it!

A Chameleon in the Spectrum – Topics on this page may include Autism Spectrum challenges, parenting, books, interesting scents, and whatever else may hold our fancy!

The Only Way Is Up – Its about time Debra and Diana tell you a little about us, and then you can see why we have opened our hearts to “The only way up” …We so hope to inspire, motivate, lift spirits, comfort, support and try to make your life a little easier.

Grape Jelly on Pizza – My name is Jennifer and I started Grape Jelly on Pizza because my son has autism and a very strange appetite! Yes. He actually enjoys his pizza with grape jelly on it…which is odd for children with autism. I never heard the word autism before he was diagnosed and if it wasn’t for support groups, I would be completely lost in this world. This is why this page was created. To help others navigate through all the difficult questions and behaviors and to also remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We welcome you.

AKA Super Mommy – I am an Autism Super Mommy to Belle, my 5 year old with Autism. I am married to a wonderful Autism Super Daddy, who does the best he can to help me with her. He works & I’m a stay at home mom. Feel free to follow us on our journey through smiles, laughter, tears, meltdowns, and failed diapers.

Redefining Typical: A Mother, A Son, A Journey with Autism – A blog about my journey with my son who has autism.

Diary of a Mom – It is a sense of community that makes the good times sweeter for the sharing and the hard times more bearable for knowing that we’re not alone.

Welcome to Their World – My three kids can sure make life fun. My 6yr old was dx with pdd-nos when he was 2 1/2. He has since been re diagnosed with asd and adhd. My oldest just received her dx at 7 1/2 with asd and adhd. My youngest who is about to be 4 has a dx of adhd and is really close to getting a dx of asd also (waiting on some evals from others). I’ve been a single mom (separated from husband working on divorce) for almost 3yrs now. I’m making this page to talk about the good and the bad with living with autism.

Welcome to StimCity – Rachel is an Army Wife & Warrior Mom of 2 kids, one with autism and 4q Deletion Syndrome.

SPD Blogger Network – The SPD Blogger Network was created by Hartley Steiner to unify those writing about their life raising a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. Based on the incredible feedback from parents all over the world that these blogs, the sharing of real day to day life, has touched them, made them feel not so alone, and united them in common experiences, it is time to build the SPD Blogger Network its own home!

Apples & Autobots – The chronicles of two parents raising four children: a high energy, high functioning autistic little boy, his girly girl neurotypical twin sister, a quirky four-year-old daughter (who also has autism), and an eighteen month old baby boy. Oh….mom also teaches middle school. Welcome to the crazy train!

Afton’s Army – Spreading Autism Awareness~ ~Please join us on our journey with Afton Lily as we embrace everything autism and hopefully teach others (and ourselves) along the way as we (her parents and the most amazing friends and family) will NOT stop searching, reading, absorbing, studying, talking, learning… until there is a CURE.

Confessions of an Aspergers Mom – This Community Page links to my Blog of the same name. This page is a place to share, whine, commiserate, vent, laugh and cry with others who are a part of the Aspergers and autism community.

Always Unique Totally Intelligent Sometimes Mysterious – My name is Shannon and my son B was diagnosed with Autism in July 2011, at age two. I was devastated and scared and I went into internet overload researching everything that I could relate to autism to the point of panic attacks, exhaustion and grieving my son’s life as if he was dying. I was grounded by my husband who reminded me that B is who he is and we could not change that. We love him the same no matter what, if not, a little more because of it. We loved him before the diagnosis of autism and we love him after. Only now, we know why he cannot talk, does not eat very much, never smiled and cannot stand things inside of things (toys in toy box, cushions on a couch, food on a plate, items on a table, ect…). I have learned to look at the bright side of B’s autism. He is very compassionate and loving. He gives the biggest hugs and tons of kisses. I embrace those hugs with my whole heart as I know that my family was given a gift that a lot of families with autism are cheated out of. Through our journey, I pray, that we will continue to look at autism as the glass half full and I hope that I can help other people see it the same, if they cannot already.

Sharing Autism – I have started this page to do three things. The first is to be a support for other families, especially those who are newly diagnosed. I want to give to other families the way I was supported during my first year. The second is for myself; to continue to seek out support from other autism families when I have a question or concern. The third is to raise awareness for autism and to help my friends and family better understand my son and others who have the same qualities as him.

Neurotypical Mom – One mom’s take on raising a child with Asperger’s Syndrome

Autismwonderland.blogspot.com - When my son, Norrin, was diagnosed with Autism at 2 ½ years old, I felt like Alice, falling down the rabbit hole. Suddenly I was in a new world, one I didn’t understand; a world that fascinated and frightened me. Every day is a puzzle waiting to be solved; every day there is inspiration; every day a new wonder is revealed. This is our journey.

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12 Responses to “My Favorite Autism & Disability Communities on Facebook”

  1. What a great list! I see so many of my friends here – thank you for recognizing these pages.

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  2. This is a great list! I am quite familiar with many of them! If anyone is interested, they can come check my stuff out at http://www.facebook.com/caffeinatedautismmom. We have a fun time on Facebook! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

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  3. Thanks again for including us on this list of wonderful pages. Truly appreciate it. :)

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  4. Outstanding group of communities and I am so proud to be affiliated with these pages and with Special Education Advisor. I think a directory of Facebook communities for autism parenting support is a wonderful idea. Thanks for collaborating with me!

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  5. What an honor to be included with such great pages!! I LOVE the list! Thanks again for the recognition! We Strive to do the best we can to help as much as we can !! Sabrina will be excited to see this tomorrow!! :=0) Thanks again so much! We thankfully have a awesome community of pages thats goal is the same..spreading awareness and helping each-other!! <3 God bless!! Much Appreciated!! <3

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  6. What a great list.. congrats to all our friends who are recognized! Without the parent network, we wouldn’t be nearly as far along as we are healing Caroline — thanks to all!!

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  7. What great company to be included with! thank you for sharing my page.

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  8. Many of my favorites. I invite you to visit Blessed by (Autism) Uniquely Magnificent Children too. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blessed-by-Autism-Uniquely-Magnificent-Children/174258299260221

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  9. What a great list! Many familiar pages on here :) I also have a community facebook page for awareness if you’d like to check it out :)

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  10. I love nearly all on this list!!! <3 …and the ones I wasn't familiar with I am going to "like"!! thank you!! come join my journey too!!

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My Favorite Autism & Disability Communities on Facebook

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