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Jan 31

Math Apps

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by Doug Goldberg

Math “is the sole subject that is nearly 100 percent cumulative. Students must have a strong foundation in order to be successful. In the elementary years a child has to have a clear understanding of our place value system in order to add, subtract, and multiply large numbers. The basic skills, such as addition, provide the framework for understanding multiplication. Fractions and decimals lay the groundwork for ratios and percentages,” by Ann K. Dolin, M.Ed in How to Help with Math.

With this in mind it’s important to make sure students keep up in Math” One successful way to accomplish this is by making math fun!!! The iPad Apps listed below have found fun and creative ways to teach various math concepts.













If you are the creator or developer of a Special Education Product, App, Book or Assistive Technology Device and you would like Special Education Advisor to review your product please contact us via the contact us form.  We will be putting together both App Lists by category similar to this one as well as doing more in depth App Reviews on individual apps.


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