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Mar 26
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by Doug Goldberg

iTouchiLearn Life Skills: Morning Routines for Preschool Kids by Staytoooned is a cute app that teaches young children and children with special needs life skills by utilizing music. Utilizing music is a wonderful way to teach children how to perform each task required for their morning routine. According to the app page, “Kids interact with the catchy "Ready for School" song sung to the tune of "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush".” This makes a lot of sense since, singing and music involves both hemispheres of the brain and more parts of the brain are stimulated and light up when a direction or concept is sung rather than spoken. It makes teaching difficult concepts more interesting and less of a demand. The current price for Morning Routines in the iTunes app store is $1.99. This makes it a very affordable option for teaching your child how to get through their morning routines without a meltdown.

The video above will give you an idea of what to expect from the app but it must have been based on an earlier version. The version I had included four areas:

  1. Routines;
  2. Rewards;
  3. Puzzle; and
  4. Music

You start off by choosing your character, which can be either a boy or a girl. Then you get to choose between the four areas listed above to play. Make sure you start with the Routines game because that is the meat of the app. The app helps teach 7 parts to the morning routine via an interactive task and music. These include, waking up, washing your hands, washing your face, getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing your teeth and putting your supplies and homework in your backpack.

As your child progresses through each part of the morning routine they earn a virtual reward in the form of a star. Once they have earned the star they can enter the rewards area which also helps with early language development. As you touch an item on the screen the name of each item are read out loud and often times a short animation shows the child what the item does.

The app also includes a puzzle area for your child to play. This is a good game to help your child with fine motor and visual perception skills. Your child chooses a piece to place on the board and then moves it to the area they think it belongs. When your child completes the puzzle it shows a scene from one of the 7 parts of the morning routine and a short animation states “Great Job You Won.”

The last area allows you to listen to the music for all seven parts of the morning routine while watching a short animation sequence without having to play the interactive game.

All in all, this is a cute and affordable app for preschool aged children or children with special needs that need extra help learning their morning routines. I really like the use of music to help reinforce the concepts being taught and adding the interactive language development in the rewards area and fine motor & visual perception in the puzzle area are a nice addition.


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