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Dec 04
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Basic social skills may not come easy to some children. However, iPad has a number of applications on the market today that can help teach children social skills in a non-threatening and easy to learn environment. The following are the top iPad applications to help your child interact in social and independent settings.


Stories2Learn offers parents and teachers the tools to implement stories utilizing audio messages, text and photos. The stories can then be used to develop the person’s social skills. For example, if someone is learning the concept of taking turns, trying to improve eye contact, sharing or other social activities, the concepts can be showcased in a story that the parent or teach designed within a matter of minutes. The designer can also add their own dialogue and audio to correlate along with the photographs.


This application helps teens and young adults in regards to autism, and it teaches them tips on communication, socialization, coping and various life skills that they will need in order to mesh with their peers. QuickCues is an excellent communicational tool that gives the individual help with conversations at school, listening and chatting on the phone. It can also aid in promoting good organizational skills at school, teach them about personal hygiene and how to stay healthy through diet and exercise. The module also offers help by suggesting appropriate ways to behave and how to maintain a balanced relationship.

Model Me Going Places

Model Me Going Places is an excellent visual application that helps teach your child ways to get around within the community. The photo slideshow depicts children modeling good behavior throughout the various locations such as the playground, grocery store, eating at a restaurant, doctor appointment, shopping and getting a haircut. The slideshows last between two and four minutes, and it provides pre-made stories of children engaging in common activities. The music and graphics were designed to make it appealing to children with learning disorders.

The Everyday Social Skills

The Everyday Social Skills application was created to teach over 40 basic skills that are necessary to live independently both at work, home and out in the community. Some basic skills like going shopping and knowing what to do when coming in contact with various warning signs are difficult tasks for some people to comprehend. This program is simple to use and covers specific skills such as walking down the street, using a public restroom, asking for directions, taking part in a group, waiting in line and getting information if lost. The application is designed for those with autism and other learning disabilities.

The Personal Social Skills HD

The Personal Social Skills HD application is a three part system designed to teach basic on the job social skills. The module covers everything needed to function independently in an easy to comprehend learning format. Some of the basic skills covered in the learning platform include taking responsibility, learning how to be dependable, punctuality, maintaining self-control, accepting consequences, telling the truth, knowing how to dress and being respectful and courteous. The material is easy to learn, and it is presented direct and to the point using real people instead of cartoon characters.


Noami Esterly divides her time between managing a house of three boys (her husband and two kids) and a newborn baby girl, volunteering in her community center and writing freelance for www.1800Wheelchair.Com. In her guest post above she shares some iPad apps that teach social skills to kids.



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One Response to “iPad Apps That Teach Social Skills To Kids”

  1. My 7 years old son enjoys ‘Model Me Kids Going Places’ app. His school-based social skills after-school enrichment program incorporates MMK videos and the kids and their ‘typical’ peer-PAL do an activity that ‘models’ the focus skill.
    Additionally, I que the MMK ‘Going Places’ app the week before, the the day of and while we are driving to the doctor, dentist or a restaurant. Sometimes, my son will use this iPod Touch/iPad-accessible app during his examination, if he is really ‘uncomfortable, or just as an anticipatory reminder.
    Also, my son gives a ‘Hi5!’ for ‘The Social Express’ Interactive Software app, too! http://www.SocialExpress.com
    Thanks ‘Special Education Advisor’! We will try ‘Stories2Learn’, ‘QuickQues’ , ‘Everyday Social Skills’ and ‘Personal Social Skills HD’, when developmentally/age- appropriate.

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