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Jul 05
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by Dennise Goldberg

Now that we are in the dog days of summer, for those parents who are looking for a fun and educational way to improve your child’s sensory, motor and visual skills, the “In-Sync Activity Cards” might just be the way to go!  The Authors of “Growing an In-Sync Child” Joye Newman, MA and Carol Kranowitz, MA, have developed fun activity cards to assist parents with their child’s sensory, motor or visual processing needs.

The introduction section of the cards contains valuable information for parents regarding Sensory, Perceptual and Visual Skills.  The authors listed the various skills and the definitions so that parents can understand what each activity develops and why the skill is important for future child development.  The introduction also includes a card on helpful hints to change activities to make them fun and different for your child.

The activity cards are developmentally based, so there are 3 groups of cards.  The first section is for beginners, which is based on the typically developing preschooler.  Intermediate is the second group, which is based on the typically developing primary-school child.  The third group of cards is advanced, which is based on the typically developing elementary-school child.

The front of the card lists the equipment, if any that is needed, and the instructions for the activity.  The reverse side of the card explains how the activity helps your child develop, ways to make the activity more challenging and what to look for in terms of performing the skill correctly.

For example, the “Rocking Boat” activity card which is located in the advanced section states:

What You Need-

No equipment

What You Do-

1.) Ask your child to lie on her stomach and grab her ankles behind her.  2.) Say, “Lift your chin and curve your back so just your tummy touches the floor.”  3.) Ask, “Can you rock back and forth, like a boat?”

Helps Your Child Develop and Enhance-

  • Motor planning (for using a Hula-hoop)
  • Proprioception (for propelling a scooter)
  • Vestibular processing (for enjoying merry-go-rounds and swings)

Ways to Make It More Challenging-

  • Have him/her show you how high she can rock.
  • Ask him/her to rock as you sing or chant, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”  How long can he/she rock?

What to Look for-

  • Your child grabs him/her ankles without needing to see them.
  • He/she initiates and maintains the rocking motion.

As with all parents who have children with special needs, you must consider your child’s ability before choosing the appropriate activity for your child.  If you are raising an “Out of Sync” child, these developmentally based activities might help your child become more “In-Sync.”   The activity cards retail for $29.95 and can be purchased from the publisher, Future Horizons, and at most online retailers that sell books like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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