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Sep 09
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by Doug Goldberg

The IEP example below is not provided in its entirety.  Sections such as present levels of performance and goals have been shortened to give you a couple of examples of what you should expect to see in each section.

Name: John Doe

Eligibility: Specific Learning Disability

Meeting Information

Date of Initial Team Meeting: July 25, 2005
Date of Present Meeting: December 15, 2009
Next Three Year Review: December 15, 2011
Type of Meeting: Annual Review

Student Information

Age: 9
Grade: 3rd
Gender: Male
Limited English Proficient: No
Home Language: English
Student Language: English
Current School: Attends School of Residence
Name of Parent or Guardian: John Sr. & Jane Doe

Goal Achievement from Current IEP

Articulation Not Met New Goal created on 9/29/09
Reading Met
Writing Not Met Needs more time
Motor (OT) Met
Gross Motor (APE) Not Met New Goal. Needs more time
Math Not Met Needs more time and instruction
Behavior Support Met
Pragmatics Not Met New Goal created on 9/29/09

Present Level of Performance

Performance Area: Gross Motor Abilities
Assessment Process Used: Teacher Observation
State/District Assessment Results:
Strengths:  Shows good overall perceptual motor and object control ability with the exception of catching from distance beyond 12 feet. Needs:  Has difficulty with catching quality.  He needs to correct his hand position and learn to absorb the impact of the ball.  This will alleviate some of the fear he has of catching. Impact of Disability:  His SLD affects his ability to catch with the proper form, impacting his ability to fully access play on the yard at recess, lunch and during physical education.  Adapted Physical Education is recommended.

Accommodations/Modifications:  Get attention prior to directive, pair model with directive, multiple trials to complete directed tasks, task analysis, consistent structure, clear expectations , modified equipment such as success ball (soft).

Prepared by APE Teacher

Present Level of Performance

Performance Area: Reading
Assessment Process Used: Woodcock-Johnson III, School Unit Tests, informal & Teacher Report
State/District Assessment Results: Basic
Standard Scores by age (average range 85-115)
Broad Reading 98
Letter-Word Identification 105
Reading Fluency 99
Passage Comprehension 82
Sound Awareness 104
School Unit Test:  Reading Comprehension 3/10

Strengths:  He is able to read grade level materials with appropriate speed and accuracy.  He reads orally with expression.  He is able to decode through unknown words and has a good sight word vocabulary.  He is able to recall details and to answer factual questions about self-read short passages.  He is able to ask clarifying questions about grade level materials as well.  His reading comprehension appears to be stronger when the passages are shorter and when he is able to read aloud.

Needs:  His performance on reading comprehension is inconsistent.  He sometimes has difficulty answering questions both orally and in writing.  He has difficulty distinguishing main ideas from supporting ideas.

Impact of Disability:  His SLD impacts his ability to read with comprehension which impedes his access to the general education curriculum and ability to meet grade level standards.

Prepared by Resource Specialist


Eligible as a student with the following disability: Specific Learning Disability
Code: SLD
Related Services determined as necessary for the Student to benefit from Special Education: Adapted PE, Speech/Language Therapy, Resource, Occupational Therapy, & Recreation Therapy.
The IEP Team has considered and agrees that the educational needs of the student are not primarily due to, social maladjustment, lack of instruction in math, temporary physical disability, limited English proficiency, lack of instruction in reading or environmental, cultural or economic factors.


Performance Area Identified: Gross Motor
Related Service: APE
Begin Date: December 2009
Responsible Personnel: APE Teacher
Goal to be achieved by: December 2010
Frequency: 2 times per week
Time: 30 minutes each time
He will catch an 8-inch ball, directly tossed from 15 feet, with hands only, using proper body/hand position and absorption, 3 out of 5 times on 2 consecutive trials.


Performance Area Identified: Reading
Related Service: Resource
Begin Date: December 2009
Responsible Personnel: General Education Teacher & Resource Teacher
Goal to be achieved by: December 2010
Frequency: 1-5 times per week
Time: 180 minutes per week
When given a selected third grade expository passage, he will distinguish the main idea and supporting details in the passage with 75% accuracy in 2 of 3 trials as measured by student work samples and teacher charted data.

Grade level standards based promotion

Does the disability impact the student’s ability to meet District grade level standards? Yes, explain below
His specific learning disability impacts his ability to read with comprehension and to reason in mathematics thereby impeding his ability to access the general education curriculum and to meet grade level standards.
Is the student expected to meet grade level standards? Yes
What is necessary to help the student progress in the general education curriculum?
Preferential seating close to and facing the source of instruction with limited distractions; frequent checks to refocus attention; reduced workload as needed; break down task into smaller, more manageable segments; use multiple modalities when introducing new concepts or directions; limit number of required steps when presenting directions or information auditorily; have him repeat directions to ensure comprehension; use of manipulatives or different modalities to reinforce math concepts and to strengthen reasoning skills.  Use of checklist for writing assignments.  Small group testing for district tests and allow him to read tests aloud.

Participation in State and District Wide Assessments

Student will participate in regular State and District Assessments:Variations:Test Student in a small group setting.Extra time on test within a testing day.

IEP Team Recommendations

Location of Services in the Least Restrictive Environment: District School of Residence
Instructional Setting: General Education, Resource Specialist Services & Related Services
Reason the student’s needs cannot be met in the general education setting?
He at times requires the benefit of a smaller, more specialized setting with a lower student to teacher ratio and less distractions than can be offered in the general education setting in order to access the general education curriculum.
Assistive Technology Devices: No
Percentage of time per week in special education: 19%
Extended School Year: Yes
Type of Physical Education: Adapted
Transportation: No
Curriculum Student will participate in? District general education curriculum using accommodations already outlined.

Procedural Safeguards

A Parent’s Guide to Special Education including Procedural Safeguards was provided to the parent in their primary language? Yes
Copies of the following assessments were given to the parent? Pschoeducational, Resource, Speech, OT and Adapted PE
Parent was informed of their right to a written translation of the IEP? N/A
For Students that are 17 they have been informed of the educational rights that will transfer to them at the age of 18? N/A

IEP Service Summary

Service Description Weekly Frequency Total Weekly Minutes Addresses Goals
Adapted PE 2 60 Gross Motor
Language/Speech 1 60 Articulation, Pragmatics
Occupational Therapy 1 30 Motor (OT)
RSP (Math) 1-5 120 Math
RSP (Reading) 1-5 180 Reading, Writing

Parent Consent and Concerns (This Section has not been filled in)

Parent Consents to the IEP
Parent Disagrees with the following:Assessment:


Instructional Setting:


If Parent disagrees, they wish to use what form of dispute resolution?
Parent Concerns and Comments

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  1. Really wonderful job you are doing. I will take help from you in developing IEP.

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  5. I’ve worked with IEP’s in the past, and this is one of the best developed IEP’s I’ve seen. The format is easy to read and comprehend. Excellent work on this IEP example.

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