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Sep 11
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Who says organization has to be boring? With the latest smartphone applications, your child can keep track of school assignments and have fun along the way. With stunning graphics and state of the art design, the newest apps will keep even the most reluctant students on track. The truth is that the more organized a student is, the better grades they tend to receive. Check out my top picks for apps that can be quickly downloaded to any iPhone or iPad.

For Younger Kids

EpicWin — EpicWin is a fun digital organizer your kids will love. Much like a video game, users choose an avatar, and then select a task to accomplish. Points are earned as tasks are completed, and along the way "treasures" are earned.

iReward Chart — Perfect for younger children, iReward Chart tracks chores or behavior goals and monitors your child's progress over the course of the week. When an action is completed, the child earns a star that goes toward a reward.

Task Timer — Once a task and completion time are chosen, Task Timer will show the time elapsed and time remaining, to keep even the most unorganized student on track. Users can also include breaks and use the intermittent vibration reminder to help them stay on task.

Apps Teens Will Love

In Class — This is one of the hottest apps right now. In Class keep track of courses and even sends a text before class so that students will never be late again. To eliminate procrastination, this app keeps track of tasks with due date reminders. In addition, it lets you take video notes, audio notes and photo notes and syncs it all in one place.

iStudiez Pro (for all smartphones, not just Apple products) — This app was designed to help students, teachers and parents easily keep track of school schedules, homework, exams and grades. Other helpful features include planner tools, notifications, and grade and GPA tracking features.

Choices for the Entire Family

Google Calendar (for all phones) — You and your child can set this software up on your desktop, and it will sync with your phone's built in calendar, letting you view, add or edit appointments when you are on the go. You can also share your Google Calendar and view your child's as well.

Cozi Family Organizer (for all phones): This is a great app for busy families. This app gives the whole family a shared calendar that's color coded for each family member. A quick glance shows you where everyone is going and when. It includes a to-do-list, shopping list and a family journal that includes text and photos.

With so many great smartphone apps available, encourage your child to take a look at a few and find the one they think is the easiest and most enjoyable to use. Today's tech savvy kids will find themselves more organized in no time!

Ann K. Dolin, M.Ed., is the founder and president of Educational Connections, Inc., a comprehensive provider of educational services in Vienna, VA. In her new book, Homework Made Simple: Tips, Tools and Solutions for Stress-Free Homework, Dolin offers proven solutions to help the six key types of students who struggle with homework. Numerous examples and easy-to-implement, fun tips will help make homework less of a chore for the whole family. Learn more at anndolin.com or www.ectutoring.com

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