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Mar 20
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by Doug Goldberg

Tell me about it by Different Roads to Learning, Inc. is a language development app that utilizes the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) framework to teach “the label, category, function, and features of more than 235 language targets over 6 levels of incremental difficulty.” The current price for Tell Me About It in the iTunes app store is $9.99. The app is designed for children with autism or language development delays. According to the Tell Me About It app page, “For students with speech and language delays or for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning to simply label an image doesn’t necessarily translate into comprehensive understanding of that word. By breaking down each language target by its category, the function that it serves and its salient features, we offer students the opportunity to fully comprehend and then engage in language. This app is ideal for both home and classroom use.”


You start off in the Teachers Console where you can add a student’s name before playing the game. You can add up to 10 different users in this console.

After you have entered the user’s name you can then select that child and start the game. The game will show three pictures and will present the child with an auditory command. If the child gets the auditory command correct and chooses the right picture they are presented with a reinforcer in the form of a token. There are seven different tokens to choose from including an ice cream, star, teddy bear, dragon, monster, rocket ship or balloon. When the child gets a set number of tokens, which can be individually programmed to 3, 5 or 10, a short animation is viewed praising the child.

The app has 6 levels of increasing difficulty with 235 language targets and more than 2,000 combinations of different answers:

  • Level 1 - Labels;
  • Level 2 – Categories;
  • Level 3 – Function;
  • Level 4 – Feature;
  • Level 5 - Randomized Feature, Function, Category;
  • Level 6: Shared Featured, Function, Category.

Tell Me About It also has a reporting feature that allows the Teacher to track the user’s progress. It tracks progress in percentages based on the number of correct answers received per target. These reports can be emailed at the end of a game or accessed from the Teacher’s console at anytime.

This is great app for children who need help with language development and are used to ABA strategies. This is due to the fact that those children are already familiar with a token economy will feel comfortable with how language is being taught and reinforced. Tell Me About It can thus, complement what you are already doing at home and in school while also building language development.


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