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Jan 29
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by Doug Goldberg

Find the Letters by EdNinja is a fun app that also helps your child learn the alphabet and strengthen their visual perception skills. The best way to describe this app is, paint by letters!!!! According to the EdNinja press release, “Find the Letters is an educational resource & a highly enjoyable game that helps children with dyslexia overcome reading problems by improving attention & visual perceptive abilities. They go on to say, “Your child will improve visual perceptive abilities like:

    • Position in space
    • Spatial depth orientation
    • Figure-ground perception
    • Form discrimination
    • Concentration & attention”

The App includes four levels of difficulty with 10 pictures for each difficulty level for a total of 40 different illustrations. As I started playing the easiest level my initial thoughts was this is a fun app for preschool aged kids just learning the alphabet. But as I increased difficulty levels I could see how Find the Letters is much more than that. For kids with dyslexia or visual perception challenges this is a great remediation exercise.

Letters are presented to you in a grid which you color using the corresponding crayon color. Once you finish painting all of the letters a picture is displayed. Like I mentioned, paint by letters.

To keep it interesting for the kids, that app also tracks your time so you can compete against yourself or others for the best time. Find the Letters currently sells for $4.99 in the iTunes app store. I would recommend this title for young children learning the alphabet or older kids with dyslexia and other visual perception challenges.


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Enjoyable Game or Dyslexia Exercise - App Review: Find the Letters, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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