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Mar 02
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by Doug Goldberg

It's March 2nd and that means schools all over the Country are celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday.  We are going to celebrate his birthday by listing some of his wonderful iPad apps but before we do we wanted to share the following remake of green eggs and ham by author unkown: 

IEP’s According to Dr. Seuss 

Do you like these IEPs?  I do not like these IEPs.  I do not like them, Jeeze Louise

 We test, we check we plan, we meet but nothing ever seems complete.

 Would you, could you like the form?

 I do not like the form I see.  Not page 1, not 2, not 3.  Another change, a brand new box, I think we all Have lost our rocks.

Could you all meet here or there?

We could not all meet here or there.  We cannot all fit anywhere.  Not in a room.  Not in a hall.  There seems to be no space at all.

Would you, could you meet again?

I cannot meet again next week.  No lunch, no prep.  Please here me speak.

 No, not at dusk and not at dawn.  At 4 p.m. I should be gone.

 Could you hear while all speak out?  Would you write the words they spout?

 I could not hear, I would not write.  This does not need to be a fight.  Sign here, date there, mark this, check that, beware the student’s ad-vo-cat(e).

You do not like them so you say

 Try it again! Try it again! and then you may.  If you let me be, I’ll try again and you will see.


I almost like these IEPs.  I think I’ll write 6,003.  And I will practice day and night.  Until they say, "You’ve got it right."
















If you are the creator or developer of a Special Education Product, App, Book or Assistive Technology Device and you would like Special Education Advisor to review your product please contact us via the contact us form.  We will be putting together both App Lists by category similar to this one as well as doing more in depth App Reviews on individual apps.

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