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Aug 07
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by Dennise Goldberg

In the last year I have published lists of Special Education Facebook Pages and Autism Facebook Pages that I like.  What was left off of these lists were all of the amazing communities on facebook dedicated to creating a warm, loving, supportive, and educational environment for parents raising children with down syndrome.  So I have compiled the list below but if I have left any off feel free to include them in the comment section below:

National Down Syndrome Society - The mission of the National Down Syndrome Society is to be the national advocate for the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

Buddy Walk – The official Facebook Page of the National Down Syndrome Society fundraising and awareness walk.  Get Involved, Be Inspired. Visit www.buddywalk.org for more information and to find a Walk near you!

Global Down Syndrome Foundation - The Global Down Syndrome Foundation (Foundation) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to significantly improving the lives of people with Down syndrome by supporting basic research, clinical research and clinical care

Down Syndrome Research Foundation - The Down Syndrome Research Foundation empowers individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential throughout life.

Circle 21 - Circle21 is a 'think global' 'act local' organization that supports families who have children with Down syndrome around the world.

National Down Syndrome Congress Governmental Affairs - The mission of the NDSC is to provide information, advocacy and support concerning all aspects of life for individuals with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Education USA - Down Syndrome Education USA works to raise levels of educational achievement by conducting research to better understand the children's difficulties, and by helping families and educators to provide effective support for learning.

Downs Side Up - Changing Perceptions of Down Syndrome Gently from Within Hearts

Down Syndrome – Raising Awareness and Shifting Attitudes - A light hearted account following the joys, the wonders, the challenges, the frustrations and general hilarity of family life with my son Seb who is 3 and happens to have Down's Syndrome.

Down Syndrome Family Network - We hope to provide a network in which parents or caregivers of persons with Down Syndrome are able to access the resources, support and answers they need to educate and develop the full potential of these individuals throughout their lives.

Down Syndrome Information Alliance - The Down Syndrome Information Alliance is committed to providing resources and support for those affected by Down syndrome while ensuring access to services, treatments and programs that enhance health, quality of life and productivity.

National Down Syndrome Coalition - Our mission is to demonstrate to society the positive impacts of Down syndrome. Our vision is to see a changed society that is educated, aware and appreciates the unique and positive differences that people with Down syndrome can bring.

Down Syndrome Blogs - Do You Blog About Down Syndrome? Do You Know Someone Who Does? Please add your blog link here and let’s get the longest list of Down Syndrome Blogs on the Web!

It Starts with a Voice - "It Starts With A Voice" written and recorded by the Wrights to promote the acceptance & inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

Buddy Cruise Inc. - To provide educational opportunities and resources for families, while promoting awareness, acceptance & inclusion for individuals with Down syndrome & Developmental Disabilities.

Reece’s Rainbow - Saving the world of an orphan with Down syndrome EVERY DAY. Adoption grants and advocacy exclusively for children with special needs.

Down Syndrome Communities - A place for family members, friends, and people who care to come together and share your experience!

Best Buddies International - Creating a global movement of opportunities for friendship, employment & leadership development for people w/ intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Eye on Isaac (Genetically Enhanced w/ Down Syndrome) - Our son was born 5-14-2010 with Down syndrome, but DS is NOT what he is. He merely carries one extra chromosome that the rest of us lack. As we learn about DS, so will you. This page is for him

Confessions of a Down Syndrome Daddy - CDSD started as a blog dedicated to my daughter, who just so happens to have Down Syndrome. It is in the process of expanding to so much more.

National Down Syndrome Adoption Network - The NDSAN is committed to providing support for families who are considering an adoption plan for their child, and for families who would like to adopt a child with Down syndrome.

Ups and Downs Theatre Group - To promote, maintain, improve and advance public education, appreciation and understanding of the arts, and in particular to provide creative and performance opportunities for children & young people with Down Syndrome by providing them with the opportunity to perform music, dance & drama.

Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles - To enhance the welfare of people with Down syndrome and their families through the development and promotion of education, counseling, employment and recreational programs.

Noah’s Dad -  Noah's Dad is a blog about Noah, Down syndrome, and the videos, pictures, and facts that tell our story.


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7 Responses to “Down Syndrome Facebook Pages”

  1. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/groups/220165548052313/

    I started this group in effort to raise awareness and support others with Down Syndrome family members.

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  2. Thanks so much for including us on your list! :)

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  3. “Buddy Talk” – because Down syndrome is more then just an extra chromosome.

    This group has been one of the best things to ever happen to our family! The friendships and connections made through this page are incredible. They really have become our “extra” family!

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  4. Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area. http://Www.facebook.com/DSCBA

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  5. Thank you so much for adding us to your list!

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  6. Research Down Syndrome:

    The foundation that is changing the course in understanding and treating intellectual disabilities in Down syndrome



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  7. A little sad that you don’t seem to have bumped into:

    World Down Syndrome Day group

    Down’s Heart Group (for those with heart problems)

    Future of Down’s

    Down’s Syndrome Bereavement Support Group

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