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Mar 29
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by Etel Leit, MS

Children with special needs are each very different and as such, respond to certain teaching methods better than others. Sign language, however, brings many benefits to families with children with special needs, regardless of whether they are hearing or deaf. Sign language brings advantages to all!

Autism, apraxia, or Down Syndrome—these, as well as speech and language delays can all be ameliorated by using sign language in your home or school.  Whether your child has difficulty with social situations, speech, or even tantrums, signing can be a great medium to encourage communication and more appropriate social behaviors.

Sign language does NOT hurt children with special needs. Instead, signing has been found to HELP children who have difficulty making requests, expressing themselves, or even verbally speaking. For children with limited motor skills, sign language is still an option! Children with disabilities like cerebral palsy can make approximations of the signs—which still allow both children and parents to communication and understand each other.

If you have a child with special needs, feel free to contact SignShine® for a list of available classes or programs in your area. It is time to introduce signing into your child and your family’s life. SignShine® can show you how to get started!

by etel leit

Etel Leit, MS is well known in the field of signing with hearing children and is considered an expert by many. Etel, the founder and owner of SignShine® , has extensive experience teaching signing to families, educators, therapists, and fellow signing instructors all over the world. She is also the publisher of BabySignShine.com, the largest international website for signing with children. Her articles have been published and her work has been recognized in a variety of relevant publications. Etel has made numerous TV appearances, both nationally and internationally and she has the invaluable experience of building her own business and brand.  On a more personal note, Etel has years of her own parenting experience; she is mom to two hearing children who sign.



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3 Responses to “Does Sign Language Help or Hurt Children with Special Needs?”

  1. Great Article. As said in the article, definitely children with special needs are unique and respond to certain teaching methods better than other children. I would certainly say that Signing Language, definitely helps special needs children a lot in going through all the difficulty to cope up with the other children of their age. I myself stand as a real time example of how sign language can be helpful to a family with a special needs child. Your site lists the benefits of sign language is a great manner. Thank you for that information. With a hearing impaired child in my family , I have experienced how Sign Language has helped me, and improved his ability to easily communicate with our family and others in his circle.Kudos to Sign Language! Let the world SIGN happily together!

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  2. I don’t have a child, but this makes sense; if it’s difficult to say it, then show it!

    Etel really knows what she’s talking about. Thanks for sharing this article!

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  3. What a great article Etel. Thank you for sharing. As a mother I understand how important it is to be able to communicate with your children. As a parent you love your child and want them to be happy, so for those who are not fortunate to verbally communicate, signing can be a great tool. My boyfriend has a little brother who is unable to speak since he was just a toddler, due to autism, but he does use a few signs to communicate because his vocabulary is very limited. I agree, Signing can be a great method of communication. Such a great article.

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