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Oct 31
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by Jess

Following the third debate between President Obama and his Republican opponent Mitt Romney, Ann Coulter a news “personality,” tweeted out, ““I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard”, referring to President Obama. Immediately and justifiably a large number of people began to call Coulter out for her offensive word choice, which upset people for two main reasons: 1) that she finds it okay to use such a demeaning term to the mentally disabled, and 2) that she would feel it is okay to speak about an elected president of the United States in such a manner. Coulter’s defense of her use of the "R" word reveals her true colors.

My biggest problem with Ann Coulter is what her actions show about her character. I do not follow Ann Coulter so maybe my thoughts are a statement of the obvious to people who do, but through this controversy, my perception of Ms. Coulter is that she is a bully, the worst kind of bully. The type of person who targets those who least have the ability to protect themselves. Bullying of special needs children is a huge problem in our world. In my special education law practice, I work with developmentally disabled children every day. Among the many challenges they must face, one particularly common and galling one is bullying. Whether it is name calling or physical assaults, special needs children are far more likely to be bullied than typical school children.

So, when Ann Coulter chooses to use a word that Peirs Morgan correctly noted was the equivalent of the “N” word to black Americans, she intentionally choose a word that she must know brings pain to a great many people who simply do not deserve it. This begs the question of why, what is her motive for doing this? Well, it appears for the basest of reasons, to draw attention to herself because she has a new book being released, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama. According to David Phillips,

When Coulter makes her outlandish and offensive comments, more often than not, she has a new book that she wants to promote.

Based on this, it is safe to assume that so long as Ms. Coulter profits through increased book sales, she does not care upon whom she needs to step on to get them. Even her defense of her comments was off-putting. First, she attacked liberals who had made offensive comments about the disabled, mentioning Obama’s Special Olympics” comment concerning bowling and also Al Gore’s comment concerning right wingers having an “extra chromosome.” (meaning have Down’s Syndrome) There are some huge differences between these comments and hers. First, both President Obama and Al Gore apologized for their comments rather than going on the offensive. Second, neither of them made the comments for financial gain, as Ms. Coulter appears to be doing.

Finally, her defense that the "R" word is a synonym for loser just does not hold water. According to Dictionary.com, the N word means “a victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks.” I’m hard pressed to believe that Ann Coulter would tweet the N word and try to defend herself by saying that she felt the person she was tweeting about was a victim of prejudice.

Ann Coulter is receiving a great deal of blow back for her tweet. My hope is that if she receives enough, she may actually recognize the error in her ways. Being cynical though, I can say an apology coming out after her comments have gotten her on as many talk shows as possible promoting her new book would be worse than worthless.

To watch an eloquent rebuttal to Ann Coulter’s comments given by John Franklin, a disabled individual, see below.

Gregory Branch, Esq. runs a solo practitioner educational law firm in Orange County, California. He is a former teacher, assistant principal, and principal of elementary, middle, and high schools. His law firm’s website is www.ocspecialedattorney.com and his email is gregorybranch@edrightsadvocate.com. In addition, he and his wife, a school counselor/LMFT/LPCC, work to end school bullying through their organization Bully Proofed. www.bullyproofed.org  Finally, his educational law and bullying blog can be found at www.ocspecialedattorney.com/blog.

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Coulter defense of her use of the R-word reveals her true colors, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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4 Responses to “Coulter defense of her use of the R-word reveals her true colors”

  1. In a way, I’m glad she used that particular phrase because there is no question left about her idiocy and lack of character. I have never spent any money on her products and now, I know I never will.

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  2. I understand what you mean. I debated even writing the article in that i do not want to reward her behavior by publicizing it even more.

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  3. I don’t know why or how it’s happening, but at least for me, a big banner add is popping up next to my article inviting me to subscribe to Coulter’s weekly article…Respectfully, I decline.

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    • Hey greg,

      The ads on the side are from google adsense. Basically, if you are seeing an ad for Ann Coulter it means you have been on her website, the website downloaded a cookie, and google adsense now thinks you like Ann Coulter. That banner ad for Ann Coulter will haunt you all over the internet until you clear your cache and cookies from your browser. It’s called retargeting.

      Generally 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting brings back the other 98%. Retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online.

      Big Brother is watching

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