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Feb 09
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by Dennise Goldberg

The other day I was watching a talk show and one of the guests brought in a book to help promote disability awareness and acceptance. “Just Like You,” is a book about a spider named Boris, who has one bad leg and a field mouse, named Henry who could not hear or speak. They are best friends who play and live by themselves in the forest; the other animals bullied and shunned them because they were different. One hot day, a fire breaks out in the forest, so Boris and Henry utilize their unique ways to communicate and spread the word that a fire was taking over the forest. Once the forest animals escaped danger, they looked past Boris and Henry’s disabilities and looked at them as equals.

This book is beautifully written and illustrated for all children, no matter what their abilities. The fact that the two main characters learn how to work with each other’s disability to communicate and coexist, illustrates how individuals are capable of working with someone different from themselves; they just need to focus on how much they really are alike. It’s important for children to understand at an early age to not focus on the weaknesses of others, but to appreciate their strengths and what they have in common.

You can purchase this book at www.justlikeyoufoundation.org; their mission is to educate children on the importance of accepting others on an equal basis;

Bullying and discrimination are not rites of passage. From childhood and beyond, many of us are bullied, excluded or discriminated against. It's more vital than ever to instill the message of acceptance to all ages, particularly young children.

What is wonderful about this organization is that 100% of the profits from this book are donated to the charity you choose. The following is a list of the 5 charities you have to choose from: PACERS National Bullying Prevention Center, HollyRod Foundation, The Art of Elysium, The Center for Discovery, Dreams For Kids or you can choose to divide the profits between all 5 charities. I hope parents and educators purchase this book to spread the word that acceptance and not bullying is what children need to learn.


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