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Mar 08

Book Apps – My Favorite to Review

By Mary Buchanan, Director Best Apps for Kids App Review Add comments
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I review many types of educational apps. Some are in a game format and others are not. The best educational apps always feature praise, rewards, etc. They are bright, colorful and enticing. Many apps use stickers as a reward, providing a unique place to store your stickers. Educational apps also include regular progress updates in many cases.

I have to say that Book apps are landing as my absolute favorite. Most recently, the release of iBook Books that are actual Text Books. It is simply amazing when you see the amount of information that is packed into these iBooks! They are filled with videos to support the lessons, slide shows that hold more than any conventional book could hold in informational text, interactive 3D images that students can explore to their hearts’ content. All of this brings then back to the text information and stimulates their desire to learn more. It becomes a multifaceted lesson. 

For our younger kids, there are many book apps that are also loaded with information and interactive opportunities. This is a very real game changer as even the youngest of kids love to tap, touch and learn. Some developers offer a line of learning libraries for kids covering everything from space to dinosaurs with valuable information. I can tell you that due to this exposure, my three year old grandson has no problem pronouncing or distinguishing between a Tyrannosaurus Rex or an Ankylosaurus.

In addition, there are book apps that focus on social issues such as self esteem, confidence, the ability to impact the environment, social interaction, and more. These come for many age levels and are, at times, in a cartoonish fashion. There are also book apps with tales that are well known but have now come to life! Kids can tap on most images and see and hear the word pronounced and tap a sentence to hear it again. The words are highlighted when tapped and this goes a long way in assisting these kids with reading readiness and word recognition. Seeing the word used in context makes them familiar right from the beginning.

The imagination and creativity of these developers continue to thrive. There are now book apps, that use the forms that old traditional books used with children. The ability to flip the flap and the pop up book bring that book experience to life for these kids. I can tell you from experience that they can’t get enough. These books are so enticing you would never know you are learning, effortlessly.

Some of my Favorite Book Apps for Young Children with links to reviews -

1. Today is a Holiday 3D interactive pop up book

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2. Oh Say Can You Say Di-No-Saur

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3. Polar Bear Horizon

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4. A Frog Thing

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5. Choco Gets a Check Up

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6.  I Don't Like Pink

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7. Theres No Place Like Space

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Some of my Favorite Book Apps for Tweens and Up with links to reviews -

1. Middle School Confidential #2 - Real Friends

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2. Middle School Confidential #1 - Be Confident

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3. Inside the World of Dinosaurs

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4.  DK Natural History Mammals-Carnivores

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5. DK Natural History - Insects

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6. Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

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7.  Life on Earth

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The Best App for Kids website reviews and creates videos of educational apps for kids so that parents and caregivers have all the information they need prior to buying apps. This is a valuable timesaver considering the number of available apps in the store. We also help others avoid pitfalls in purchases so that their kids get appropriate content.  Apps for Kids



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