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App Reviews

Construct Grammatically Correct Sentences: Rainbow Sentences

The Cutest Therapy App for only 99 cents: Coookie Doodle

Develop Money Skills: Next Dollar Up App Review

Enable Real Conversation – App Review: Verbally Premium

Enjoyable Game or Dyslexia Exercise – App Review: Find the Letters

FREE Common Core Standards App

Fully Comprehend Language: Tell Me About It App Review

Give a Voice To Those That Cannot Speak for Themselves – App Review: Quick Talk AAC

Get Organized With the Latest Smartphone Apps

iTouchiLearn Life Skills: Morning Routines for Preschool Kids App Review

Khan Academy Launches FREE iPad App

Learn How to have Conversations with Peers: Conversation Builder

Manage Social Situations through Video Modeling: The Social Express

My Son’s Favorite App Developer

Out of this World Learning App: Alien Buddies

Practice Emerging Writing Skills: Write my Name 

Provide Clear & Consistent Support – App Review: ChoiceWorks

Set your imagination free: Monster Physics Building App

Whole Wide World App, Learning Games for ages 5-8


Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology: Creating a Custom Fit - Tap-it

Free for Download: The Updated Freedom Stick

The Invention of the Intel® Reader

Is the IPAD Good for Kids’ Attention?

What Is Assistive Technology and How Can It Help Your Child?

Writing without the Blocks


Book Reviews

Book Review: Respecting Autism

Book Review: Social Thinking at Work

Book Review:  The Behavior Code

Children’s Book Review:  Just Like You

Comforting & Educational: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism Book Review

The Book You Must Read if You Care About Restraint & Seclusion - Mommy, I Wish I Could Tell You What They Did To Me At School Today

In-Sync Activity Cards to address Sensory, Motor and Visual Skills

Teaching Children with Special Needs How to Become a Social Detective


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