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May 17
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by Dennise Goldberg

A good rule of thumb; always monitor your child’s services.  Once you have signed your child’s IEP, the services are to begin immediately.  However, sometimes your child may not always receive the amount of services that were agreed upon in the IEP.  For example, a speech therapist may not see your child every week due to illness, vacation, etc…  As a result, your child is entitled to compensation hours.  You can either write a letter or speak to the therapist requesting those missing hours.

Good communication with your child’s teacher will help you keep track of the services your child is receiving.  You can touch base on a weekly or monthly basis to make sure your child is not missing hours they are entitled to in the IEP.

Always remember, the IEP is a signed legal document between you and the school and they have a responsibility to uphold the terms of the agreement.

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2 Responses to “Always Monitor Your Child’s Services”

  1. I am currently struggling with this. In October my daughter was switched to a 504 from an iep, without presenting data as to why she no longer qualified under her diagnosis of autism except for that “she is too smart and doesn’t require educational assistance”. I was worried when the change took place as I knew the leniency with a 504 held no accountability. my daughter has missed 50% of her OT this year and when I had a meeting with the therapist concerning compensatory services, I was flat out told they would not be made up and if I had any other concerns pertaining to her performance I could contact the district’s head of special education. I am still fighting for these to be made up but with no avail….

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    • Hi Nita,

      You do have the right to a due process hearing under a 504. Ask the School District for their policy on Section 504 Due Process hearings. Unlike IEP Due Process the School District is required to foot the bill for the entire thing and hire the Hearing Officer. You would be surprised how quickly they might negotiate with you for missed OT if you request a Due Process Hearing on their dime.

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