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Jan 27
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by Dennise Goldberg

Below is a list of Special Education Twitter Feeds worth following.  The list includes Parents, Educators, Advocates, Attorneys, Therapists and National Organizations.  This list should keep you up to date on everything happening in and around the world of Special Education.

2012 Updates

@socialthinking - Michelle G. Winner Started Social Thinking for students with high-functioning autism, Asperger's, PDD, undiagnosed social-cognitive problems.

@Sari_kidzOT  - Pediatric Occupational Therapist specializing in Sensory Integration Theory & Practice, handwriting, and child development.

@SNBookReview - Retired teacher, Monday moderator of CoffeeKlatch Tweetchats, blog for special needs parents, write books reviews.Co-owner of KidCompanion Chewelry.

@ejwillingham - Sciwriter/editor/autism-ADHD parent (Co-editor of Thinking Person Guide to Autism)

@Aspieadvocate - Aspie Mom autistic kid East coast dir Autism Women's Network Ed (Co-editor of Thinking Person Guide to Autism)

@shannonrosa - I kick ass. Sometimes my own. I am a writer, editor, geographer, geek, parent, partner, autism parenting & iPad advocate, & cheerful grump.  (Co-editor of Thinking Person Guide to Autism)

@jennyalice - Special needs advocate, writer, editor. I'm checking them all off one by one (Co-editor of Thinking Person Guide to Autism)

@BobbiSheahan - Author, What I Wish I'd Known About Raising a Child w/ Autism

@DrMelissaSinger - I specialize in comprehensive psychological, cognitive, educational and neuropsychological assessment.

@DrMerylAin - Dr. Meryl Ain is an education expert and advocate. She has a doctorate in education and over 35 years of experience as a school teacher and administrator.

@FCMichigan - Providing support to 300 families and 2500 students with specialneeds. Supported by over 800 dedicated volunteers!

@think_inclusive - Dedicated to creating inclusive settings in schools and communities for people with the most significant cognitive disabilities.

@LeeAnne_K_Owens - Mom to 5, 2 w/ASD, 1 w/ADHD, & 1 w/mild LD. INSource Volunteer, Special Needs Advocate & member of school dist. autism team.

@lorigertzauthor - Manifesting a NYT bestselling memoire entitled Mama Can't Make it Better...about raising my FASD, BiP, RAD, Sensory Disordered daughter adopted at birth.

@supportSN - A social networking site for families raising kids with special needs.

@LoveThatMax - I write Love That Max, a blog about kids with special needs who kick butt & a Babble Top 100 Mom Blog. I also edit for mags & sites & blog at Parents.com.

@singoffpitch - Special Ed teacher, passionate advocate, & historic home restorer (not quite professional).

@senictdirectory - The Directory for Special Educational Needs & Information Communication Technology Resources.

@ListonAdvocates - I work with families who struggle to ascertain Special Ed Services and who would like solutions to the stress & frustration the process brings their lives.

@xtremeparnthood - One frazzled mom and one @xtremestepdad raising two boys on the severe end of the autism spectrum while living to laugh and blog about it.

@TheREAL_MBrooks - The things that make me weird are a big part of my awesome. I bet I can say the same about you. #Politics #Race #Education #Autism

@cgregoryrun  - Happily married mother of 3, finding the funny in daily life.

@NoahsDadDotCom - Showing the world that Down Syndrome is ok! We invite you to be part of the online story we are telling about a beautiful life.

Original 50 from 2011

@specialedadvice – That’s me! Understand how to make your special education rights work for you!

@garybrannigan - Clinical & School Psychologist specializing in parenting issues and learning, reading & other disabilities. Coauthor READING DISABILITIES: BEATING THE ODDS.

@jenlaviano - Special education attorney representing parents and children; blogger at www.SpecialEdJustice.com

@raisingasdkids - Using a nom de plume. Having raised 2 youngmen on the autism spectrum, I provide practical solutions to everyday issues.

@thecoffeeklatch - Dedicated to providing exceptional resources and programming for special needs families

@mamatude - About.com guide to Parenting Special Needs and author of 50 Ways to Support Your Child's Special Education

@VFES - Valley Forge Educational Services (VFES) provides specialized education programs, services and training for families, educators, professionals.

@room5friends - Teacher of  students with moderate-intensive special needs, tech lover, blogger, tweeter, learner.

@inclusive_class - A teacher who has created a resource of solutions for integrating students with special needs in the classroom.

@adevries - Husband of one, father of two, one with special needs, advocate, voice for the voiceless.

@COPAA – Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates: Promoting Excellence in Special Education Advocacy Nationwide

@matthewATlaw - Attorney. Civil rights advocate. Eminent domain critic. Political observer. Lip reader. Gastronomist.

@WI_snowflake - Mother, Business Analyst, World Watcher. Research interests: Learning Disabilities, Education, Epilepsy, Tourette Syndrome, Diabetes, Anxiety & Autism.

@IraSocol - Re-thinking education based on history and observation. Specialist in Universal Design in Education and Assistive Technology. Novelist and short-story writer.

@ChrisVacek - Innovation - Technology - Special Education - Functional Independence Outcomes - Autism Parent - Videographer - Divemaster

@OTRLovesKids - OTR, author, educator, columnist, clinician, activist for challenged children. Creator of WIN™ handwriting program.

@DevotedtoEDU - Asperger's and learning disability advocate, Examiner, and Mom of two amazing kids. Blessed w/an amazing husband. Values faith, friends, and family.

@BrianRKing - Parenting is Leadership. Work at becoming the leader your children need you to be. Ask more of yourself by getting the help you need to become what they need.

@MemSpan - High Performance cognitive skills training.

@Cybraryman1 - Educator & Writer trying to catalog the internet for students, educators and parents.

@LeslieLipson - freedom fighter, jewish mama, attorney, inclusionista, director Parent Leadership Support Project, slightly radical & consistently irreverent.

@JuliaRoberts1 - How The Other Julia Roberts Parents Special Needs Kids with PKD & Their Kidney Transplants.  Site co-founder of

@MrMatthewRay - Elementary teacher of special education. Believer in the abilities and value of all children. Education blogger.

@LaGloria - Community organizer for a national civil rights org, founder of Latina Mami; host of Special Ed For Busy Parents Radio Show; author of Special Ed Case Management.

@Anne_Barbano - Creator and Host of the autism/disabilities/diagnoses radio program The Next Frontier broadcast from Vermont Thur. 6:00PM EST national and international guests

@KatrinaMoody - I'm a wife, special needs mom to 3 guys w/ARS, autism, epilepsy & awesomeness. Also an advocate, writer, & raise awareness @ Kat's Cafe

@LauraPope - Social media consultant, community manager, mom, attorney, child & disability rights advocate, Hispanic & so much more...

@TheHelpGroup - Nonprofit serving children with special needs related to autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, developmental delays, abuse & emotional problems.

@W3ightless – Educator • Reflect, Build, Discover • access is e1ementa1 (tweets do not reflect position of my employer)

@NICHCY - National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NDC/NICHCY); family and educator-friendly info about disabilities and special education.

@theARCUS - We are driven by opportunity. The Arc has been advocating and serving people with developmental disabilities since 1953.

@LizDitz - Dyslexia consultant, autism advocate, and blogger.

@Damian613 - Dad, husband, NCSP psychologist, Ed.D. student, adjunct prof, runner, geek, blogger, citizen.  Tweets do not reflect the opinions of my employer or colleagues.

@TPerran - I am an educator for students with special needs in Virginia. I am interested in tools and resources that help increase student curiosity and engagement.

@DevenkBlack - Middle school teacher-librarian/media specialist in NYC. If you expect simple answers to complicated questions you are in the wrong place.

@LDonline - LD OnLine.org is the world's leading website on learning disabilities and ADHD, serving more than 200,000 parents, teachers, and other professionals each month.

@Snappin_Min - Leading parents of children with a special need to THE place of hope!

@DrKariMiller - Director of Miller Educational Excellence, helping students with special needs and learning disabilities achieve academic success.LA Special Ed Examiner

@BonnieZYates - Attorney Bonnie Z Yates focused her practice on special education when her son was diagnosed with autism in 1992.

@DrLynneKenney - Dr. Lynne Kenney, Mom, author, pediatric psychologist, and media producer who values music, education, sports and family. Author of The Family Coach Method.

@LornadEnt - Wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 5 :) retired elementary teacher now business partner w daughter.

@PrideLearning - We teach reading..... one child at a time. Specializing in dyslexia, ADHD, auditory and visual processing, learning disabilities.

@HappyTeacherLA - Advocate for integrating Web 2.0, neurodiversity, & the arts into all parts of education. School Teacher, Inclusionist, Ally, Vegan, Feminist, Wife, &

@MichaeljCarrasc - Disability Advocate * Disney Enthusiast * Lover of Dole Whips & Mickey Bars :)

@PeterFlomLD - I am a learning disabled adult with a PhD. I'd like to share my experiences

@ECTutoring - In-home tutoring, test prep, and educational coaching throughout the Metro DC area.

@Used2BPrincipal - Married mom of 2 outstanding teachers. Retired NYC principal of school for students with disabilities. Bargain aficionado, shopping savant.

@AutismSpeaksLA - Stay up to date with the happenings and goings on of our great organization and chapter.  Both local, regional and national news and events.

@AutismFather - I write about #Autism, forever pushing for Understanding and Acceptance.

@ThinkingAutism – Autism: What you need to know - From autistics, professionals, and parents. New essays every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


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24 Responses to “2012 Update: Essential Special Education Twitter Feeds to Follow”

  1. Thank you for including me! I would add @teachwtechbrox and @techieteacher to this awesome list!

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  2. Why aren’t I on this list?? @techieteacher

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  3. I am so honored to be on your list. I was surprised when I was going through the list to see who I was following, and there was my name.

    It takes a village and you have captured a group of people in your list.

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  4. I welcome you to visit In the Company of Kids Creative Arts Center to learn more about our awesome programs for children with special needs. Through the theater experience children flourish in the arts and build social skills, communication, problem solving, eye contact and so much more.
    Twitter cokdirector

    Thanks so much, Bonnie

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  5. Thanks for adding me to your list! Hope I can continue to post interesting links for parents of special needs children.

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  6. We have had over 1000 views in just a couple of days. I’m glad to see Special Education is such a popular topic.

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  7. Dennise, thank you so much for listing The Help Group! I am moving through your entire list right now to make sure I’m not missing anyone we should follow. Thanks again,

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  8. Wow – what an honor to be included with the likes of some of the amazing folks on this list. I think I’m following them all, but I do know that I recognized most of the names. I love this idea and think I might add to it on my site, with a trackback to yours. Just think, if several of us did this, we could even put together a partial directory of some of the great folks in our Special Needs Community. Again, thanks for the honor, but it takes a full community to spread he news and care about one another, our successes and our failures. Thanks for the smile tonight. :-)

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  9. Add this twitter – @modifymy – It has many worksheets and other resources for students with learning disabilities.

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  10. Definitely a great idea! I will be posting this on my FB page and look forward to reading the tweets and blogs from the new voices that I’ve added! The need for support is great and there is room for everyone!

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  11. Forgot to add: @SpecialEd Smart!
    Have a great day!

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  12. Thanks very much. I will have a great time checking them all out.

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  13. Thank you for including The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism! http://www.thinkingautismguide.com

    One of our editors @LizDitz is already on your list. The other editors are @ejwillingham @AspieAdvcocate @ShannonRosa and @jennyalice

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    • Great list! Please add us: @coache
      The Miracle Project is a socialization and theater / film arts program for children and teens with autism and other special needs. Profiled in the Emmy Award HBO Doc AUTISM: The Musical. Founder, Elaine Hall is the author of Now I See the Moon (chosen by the UN for World Autism Awareness Day 2011) and Co-Author Seven Keys to Unlock Autism.

      Our Miracle Project Classes are fully inclusive and ease the sense of isolation that families with autism often experience.

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  14. Fantastic resource! I would add @theCEUgroup to this, as they help the professionals who work with these children obtain great continuing education at great rates.

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  15. I am new to blogging but passionate about inclusion as indicated by my blog. I am @bgiourme on twitter. Thanks for posting this list. I am following several but will add many more in order to gain information to help me educate the staff in my school on the quest to full inclusion

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  16. @chilesprep

    We’re a school that promotes non traditionally education for gifted students, as well as special need students. Follow us on twitter for up to date information about what’s currently happening in special education.

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  17. Thank you so much for the inclusion! Tremendous company!!

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  18. Many thanks for including me on your helpful list – what a great resource!

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  19. Thanks Denise for including our Special Needs Book Review @snBookReview on this list! We are honored to be among such great company! Thanks for all you do for the special needs community.

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  20. I appreciate all you do for the special needs community (for both teachers and parents)!

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